“He wasn’t crazy. He knew what he was doing”: Guardsman Guns Down Woman and Her Wife

Authorities say Adrian Loya, 31, of Virginia, entered the Bourne home Lisa shared with her wife, Anna Trubnikova, and shot them both. Anna Trubnikova, also a Coast Guard petty officer, remains hospitalized.

Bourne police Officer Jared MacDonald, who was shot in the back in the chaotic scene, also remains hospitalized.

Lisa Trubnikova’s relatives said that Loya was stationed with the two women in Alaska several years ago, and became infatuated with Lisa. After the couple moved to the Cape, he continued to pursue her romantically, although she showed no interest, relatives said.

“He became obsessed,” one family member said, who asked not to be identified in deference to the criminal investigation. “He was fixated on her.”

Relatives said they did not believe Lisa Trubnikova had reported his behavior to the Coast Guard, believing she could handle the situation on her own.

Investigators are also looking to see whether Loya had visited Massachusetts before Tuesday, when he checked into a hotel near the condominium complex.

“I think there was a significant amount of planning involved,’’ O’Keefe said.

Berlanga said the attack was clearly calculated, and that Loya should be held criminally responsible.

“He wasn’t crazy,” he said. “He knew what he was doing.”

O’Keefe said that during the attack, which was carried out early Thursday, Loya allegedly was armed with two rifles, both of which fired .223 caliber ammunition, the same as used by the military, and a shotgun. He also had a 9mm pistol. When he was taken into custody, Loya was not near any of the weapons, which were recovered from several locations.

He also opened fire on police who rushed to the scene, authorities said, then used a burning car to block the road into the condominium complex.

O’Keefe said that despite coming under heavy gunfire, and seeing an officer shot down, police did not return fire. Police used “great restraint’’ in the chaotic situation, keenly aware that many people lived nearby, he said.

We know this “restraint” is because he’s a white guy. Just saying.

Accused gunman ‘fixated’ on Bourne shooting victim. BostonGlobe.com, 2/6/2015.

UPDATE: 6 Dead, 3 Wounded, Gunman AT LARGE in Pennsburg Area Found Dead

Bradley William Stone, a former Marine reservist, had been on the run since Monday’s slayings shook small communities north of Philadelphia.

His body was found in a wooded area about 1/2 mile from his home in Pennsburg, said Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman. It was not immediately clear how long the remains had been there.

Although a final report from the coroner is pending, Stone appears to have died from self-inflicted cutting wounds, in the center of his body, according to Ferman.

Early Monday morning, a hangup call to 911 first tipped off police to the bloodshed, directing them to Lansdale, 28 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

When police arrived, they found two slain women: Stone’s former mother-in-law and former grandmother-in-law, Ferman said.

A short time later, a neighbor of Stone’s ex-wife called 911, the prosecutor explained. Police went to an apartment in Lower Salford and found 33-year-old Nicole Stone dead.

“I heard three or four gunshots and I heard the kids yelling, saying, ‘Mommy, no. No, mommy, no.’ And he just said, ‘Let’s go. We gotta go,'” a neighbor who did not want to be identified told CNN affiliate WFMZ. “I heard him say, ‘Let’s go. We gotta get in the car.'”

“They didn’t have any coats on or anything,” the neighbor said. “They just had their pajamas on, and he just said, ‘We gotta go.’ He was like, ‘She’s hurt. She’s hurt pretty bad. We have to leave.’ And just got in the car and sped off.”

But Stone didn’t harm his two daughters, who were living with his former wife. At about 5:30 a.m., he brought them to a neighbor’s residence in Pennsburg, according to Ferman.

Suspect in family massacre found dead. CNN.com, 12/16/2014

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office said police are looking for 35-year-old Bradley William Stone, of Pennsburg, in the killings. Three others were seriously wounded, officials said.

All of the victims have a “familial relationship” to Stone, prosecutors said. The victims were not identified further.

The hunt for Stone has moved to Pennsburg after a siege in Souderton ended without taking a suspect into custody.

Montgomery County court records also show Stone had been entangled in protracted divorce proceedings with his wife, Nicole A. Stone, since early 2009. The divorce was finalized in December 2012. Less than two weeks ago, he filed an emergency motion for custody.

DA: Six dead in Montco shootings. Philly.com, 12/15/2014.

Displaced Aggression Fantasy NFL League: Week 3 Report

League Manager’s Note

Skunk Moon Rising

Monday night upsets accounted for two of our three closest matchups in Week 3: the CA Aftershocks and NO Vipers beat Mental Garbage and the Houston Gangsters by coming up with 25 and 16 Monday night-points, respectively. Meanwhile HellFire Club, in spite of scoring a whopping 36 points on Monday night, still fell four points short of besting Dingobros.

The Turduckens and Wackers phoned in disappointing point totals, and not for the first time this season. The Growlin’ Turds, originally projected to defeat the Duestakers handily, watched as those projections dropped to dead-even by 2pm on Sunday, and finally ended up 39 points short. Meanwhile, the presence of injured RB Doug Martin on the Wackers’ lineup raised suspicions that they had slipped into zombie mode in their loss to Gonk’s Revenge. Rest assured that the League Ethics Committee will be keeping a close eye on the Wackers in the coming weeks.

Finally, the rookie Deerskunks seem to be stuck playing the role of our League’s Job, losing their first round draft pick, Adrian Peterson, and then Wes Welker in the first two weeks of the season. And this Sunday, just as Welker returned from his suspension, the Deerskunks ended up losing both Kyle Rudolph and Danny Woodhead to injuries. Strong showings by Andrew Luck and, surprisingly, the Bears Defense, carried them into triple digits, but ultimately were not enough to take down the Salukis.
The Nitty-Gritty:
Autumn officially began Monday night at 9:29pm CST, during the fourth quarter of the Bears-Jets game. But that’s just the calendar. The observant among us have noticed the signs brewing for the last week or so; a few trees have begun to change color and clear nights are lit by a waning crescent that mirrors the odd sliver of time we currently occupy, wedged awkwardly in between the two seasons. It’s what old-timers used to call a Skunk Moon.

The Skunk Moon shines when our half of the earth first begins to cool and we all think we’ll finally be able to sleep comfortably. It’s also the time of year that our furry black & white brethren are at their most active, and chances of an encounter increase exponentially. Just when you think you’re going to be able to doze off in a cool breeze under an open window, you realize that your neighborhood has been flooded with that pervasive odor that we have all come to fear so profoundly.

Fantasy football is not immune to the effects of a Skunk Moon, which in olden times was thought to affect a team owner’s judgment and strategic decision-making, as well as the performance of teams on the virtual field. It’s easy for the winners to dismiss all of this as mere superstition, but those of us who found ourselves tits-up after Week 3 aren’t so quick to laugh off the Old Ways. No matter how you look at it, it’s hard to deny that the air is full of weird energy, and things seem ominously off-kilter.

And while a third of our teams are still able to bask in the glow of undefeated-ness, there are four other franchises who have apparently borne the brunt of this skunk-effect. Starting the season with three consecutive losses leaves you feeling like a porta-potty at Chili Fest, and these teams are in no mood to hear any elitist gloating.

For now, all they can do is cling to the hope that these early season outcomes are a fluke, and remember that the Skunk Moon will recede soon enough.

Respectfully Submitted,
League Manager Tom

Ojo Del Tigre!

From The Rumor Mill:
The Duestakers’ owner was seen, clad only in a kimono, genitals tucked between his legs, staring down the entrance to his crawlspace and whispering “It puts the lotion on its back.”

Displaced Aggression Fantasy NFL League: Week 1 Report

Better late than never.

Yeah, Rusty does fantasy football.


Off To The Races! (Or, Here We Feckin’ Go Again)



  • The Duestakers drew first blood on Sunday, squeaking by Mental Garbage with a 1-point margin. Meanwhile the N.O. Vipers trounced the Turduckens, and HellFire Club beat a new franchise, the Deerskunks, by 43 and 57 point margins, respectively.
  • The recently re-monikered CA Aftershocks handed a season-opening defeat to the other newcomer to Our Beloved League, the Houston Gangsters. And, in the closest thing that we had to an upset this week, Dingobros blazed their way to a come-from-behind victory on Monday night, nullifying the Wackers‘ 31-point lead.
  • Finally, our returning League Champions, the Itasca Salukis, had a disappointing start to the 2014, with a solid loss to one of several long-time nemeses, Gonk’s Revenge.

The Nitty-Gritty:

Even before the Week 1 results came in, dark rumors were starting to swirl around Our Beloved League like a putrid fog: The EGV teams were suspected of forming a secret cabal referred to as “the Apparatus”; Rusty Pheet is said to have changed his name in an attempt to get off the TSA no-fly list; Mental Garbage reportedly became unhinged over the summer and now stays up late into the night trying to interpret what he believes are coded messages embedded in the white space on the pages of Steven King novels; The list goes on…

But, to borrow from Don Rumsfeld, there is only one “known-known” in this mist of rumors: The Salukis have completely refused to acknowledge their season-opening loss — treating it like a church-fart.

We should all be on notice that our reigning Champions switched a long-held position and supported this season’s League expansion with the argument that having more teams will lessen the influence of dumb luck and allow the superior strategic abilities of the League’s uber-elite to dominate. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that nearly ten years of plotting and scheming would eventually lead the Salukis into delusions of grandeur, but this is the kind of thinking that leads to corporate personhood and Nazism. It almost begs for the attention of our fickle Gridiron Goddess.

Indeed, time will tell whether the Salukis Week 1 loss was a mere blip on the radar screen, or a harbinger of things to come. Their Shakespearean rise seems bound to either end in enduring glory, or spiral into a paranoid blend of Custer’s last stand and the Nixon Whitehouse. Either way, the gauntlet has been thrown, and the air is thick with hubris.

This raises a fierce lust for payback among those of us who found ourselves stumbling around on the wrong side of the tracks, post-draft. It’s hard not to hanker for some kind of divine retribution when your lineup looks like something found floating in a spittoon or buried in a filthy catbox. Clearly, it’s not the winds of fortune that we’re smelling.

But we also know that the Goddess is out there watching and waiting. And there’s always next week…

Respectfully Submitted,

League Manager Tom

Ojo Del Tigre!

The Marquee Offers $100, on Facebook, to Kill Pinellas Park Police Officer

Of course on Facebook. Dumb-ass.

Bruce Allen Santee II, 35, who wrestles under the name ‘The Marquee, made the offer on Facebook after the officer pulled the Ford Mustang that Santee was riding in over early Sunday morning after the driver failed to obey a yield sign. The unidentified driver, who was driving with an expired license, explained that she was taking Santee and another man home because they were intoxicated.

According police, Santee argued with the policeman, calling him a “pig”.

After the officer allowed the group to arrange for a different ride, Santee allegedly went home and posted the officer’s name on his Facebook page along with a reward of $100 to anyone who would kill him.

Florida semi-professional wrestler offers $100 reward on Facebook to kill police officer. The Raw Story, 2/18/2014.

“more or less…disowned” Daughter’s “hatred” for Family Leaves 4 Dead

A couple broke into a Pennsylvania home and killed the woman’s mother and brother before being shot to death by her father, the culmination of a long-running feud fueled by what a relative said Saturday was the woman’s “hatred” for her family.

… The relative, Virginia Cruse, said the victims included her 64-year-old sister Roberta Frew and the couple’s 47-year-old son. She identified the slain assailants as Frew’s daughter, Josephine, and her husband, Jeff Ruckinger.

… [John] Frew told police he found his wife dead at the front door and his son’s lifeless body in the kitchen. Frew said he shot and killed both his daughter, who died at the Altoona hospital of a gunshot wound to her head, and her husband.

Cruse said the daughter and mother did not get along, but that she had no idea what spawned Friday’s tragedy.

The daughter had “a hatred toward the family,” she said. / When Josephine was about 20, she and a boyfriend trashed her parents’ home and stole items including a pistol, then fled to Pittsburgh, Cruse said. After that, she said, “more or less, they disowned her.”

Family ‘Hatred’ Shooting Leaves Four Dead, Including Mom, Brother, Sister And Her Husband. HuffPo Crime, 9/29/2013.

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