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Dark 5 Video: 5 Most Terrifying Serial Killers Still At Large

Jan 12, 2015

Woman Beats Mother to Death with Baseball Bat

Hopatcong police said the suspect, Mirna Bolanos, 30, called 911 to report her mother was harassing her, then hung up.

When officers arrived at the Flora Avenue home, Bolanos was outside on the steps and told them she beat her mother to death with a baseball bat.

Police found Bolanos’ mother, 56-year-old Ligia Bolanos, dead inside the hallway, with a bloody baseball bat nearby. She had injuries to her skull, authorities said.

… Police said they have responded to Bolanos’ home several times in the past for minor disputes between mother and daughter, including arguments over whether Mirna Bolanos had taken her medication for bipolar disorder.

Daughter Beats Mother to Death With Baseball Bat: Police. NBC NY, 8/29/2013.

Drunk, Truck on Fire, Tree Branches: Man Gone Bad in Burlington Cty.

When police first spotted Michael T. Newmon, 36, he was hanging partially out of the cab window because of a shattered windshield, as he drove east on Brown Avenue toward Route 37 around 3 a.m. Saturday, Lakehurst Police Sgt. Ronald Heinzman said.

The blue box truck Newmon was driving belonged to a local plumbing company and had tree branches caught in it, Heinzman said. The fire and smoke was coming out from below the truck, he said.

…Because the truck was being driven on its rims, James was able to follow the marks left in the road and trace Newmon’s journey about 15 miles to the Route 70/Route 72 circle in Burlington County, Heinzman said. James found the truck had driven across the circle, struck a tree and drove through bushes before continuing east on Route 70, he said.

Manchester man drove burning, tireless truck while intoxicated, police say., 8/3/2013.

Mother, in Front of Her Kids, Beats Nurse to Bloody Pulp

Police say Monique Moore, 26, of Camden, N.J. was walking by Cooper University Hospital around 12:45 p.m. with her children, an 11-year-old and an 8-month-old. As she was walking, police say Moore began yelling at a nurse who was standing outside in a courtyard on break.

Moore then allegedly charged at the woman, grabbed her and punched her in the head while yelling about the medical profession. Police say Moore then smashed the woman’s face into a brick wall. Police say a person walking by spotted the attack and pulled Moore off of the woman.

“She beat the nurse up real bad,” said the suspect’s sister, Angel Moore. “Blood was everywhere. What made her do it? I don’t know. I know she was going through some mental problems.”

Ms. Moore, when the math is done, was 15 when her first [?] child was born. That could not have helped.

Mom Accused of Smashing Nurse’s Face Into Brick Wall., 5/21/2013.

Father Shoots 11-Year-Old Daughter in Face

She’s alive.

Investigators said 27-year-old Byaer Johnson apparently entered the home to visit his young daughter. At point, they say, he was asked to leave, then picked up his handgun and shot his daughter in the face.

The girl was rushed to Cooper University Hospital where she is listed in critical but stable condition, according to CBS Philly. Authorities said the girl could suffer paralysis as a result of her injuries.

Investigators say that after allegedly shooting his daughter, Johnson pointed the gun at a 28-year-old man in the home and pulled the trigger, but the weapon jammed. The man reportedly wrestled with Johnson, obtained his gun and then fired it at him, hitting Johnson in the buttocks.

Byaer Johnson, N.J. dad, arrested after allegedly shooting 11-year-old daughter in the face. Crimesider, 1/25/2013.

Teen Brothers Killed Girl for Bike Parts

Autumn was last seen around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday leaving her Clayton home while riding a white BMX bike to a friend’s house. The girl’s parents called police after she never made it to that friend’s house.

Her body was found late Monday in the recycling bin of a home where the teens’ live, about seven blocks from her own, authorities say.

The boys, ages 15 and 17, are charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, disposal of a body, tampering of evidence and theft. The 15-year-old boy was also charged with one count of luring, Dalton said. Both were in police custody.

Brothers killed 12-year-old NJ girl for bike parts, authorities say., 10/23/12.

Toddler Decapitated, Mother Commits Suicide

Police say the woman, who had a history of mental problems, had barricaded herself inside after arguing with a man believed to be her boyfriend.

Officers gained entry to the home and found the woman dead and the child’s head inside a refrigerator.

Mom Decapitated 2-Year-Old Child, Killed Self: New Jersey Police. HuffPo Crime, 8/22/12.

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