Attorney Barricades Self in Condo Bldg, Dies in Shootout with Police

And his daughter was in the apartment.

The Dallas County Medical Examiners Office identified the suspect as 47-year-old Michael Edward Schmidt. NBC 5’s Ray Villeda confirmed Schmidt is an attorney that is part of a law firm in Uptown Dallas, near the shooting scene. …

Police said the incident began after the resident talked to an employee of the building.

”He reported to the employee that his apartment was being burglarized,” said Deputy Chief Gil Garza of the Dallas Police Department.

After that employee called for police, Schmidt reportedly moved to a hallway adjacent to the condominium’s lobby and began barricading himself inside.

When officers arrived, they spoke to the employee and were informed of the Schmidt’s location and that he was armed.

“According to the employee, the individual shot at officers when officers tried to speak with him. The officers then retreated into cover.” Garza said.

Witnesses said Schmidt continued to intermittently fire shots while officers spoke to him from cover. A witness that heard the situation unfold from across the street said he believed the gunman fired a half-dozen shots at police during the shootout.

Garza said that Schmidt moved from his barricaded position and went toward the officers at some point during the incident. Police said it was at this time that the officers returned fire, striking and killing the man. Schmidt was pronounced dead at the scene.

The witness that spoke to NBC 5 said he believes officers fired back more than a dozen times, killing the man. Police did not confirm how many shots were fired by officers.

Dallas police confirm Schmidt’s 11-year-old daughter was inside the apartment at the time of the shooting. She was located uninjured after the shooting and was released to the custody of relatives.

… The windows of the lobby were blown out by gunfire during the shooting and the witness told NBC 5’s Kendra Lyn he could see a body near the front doors of the lobby following the shooting.

Police said no officers were injured in the incident.

Dallas Police Fatally Shoot Armed Resident in Condominium Lobby. NBCDFW.com, 1/3/2014.

“and no arrests were made”

Raids by Dallas FBI and San Antonio FBI resulted in a combined five arrests and two recovered teens.

The FBI said three teenage girls, ages 15, 16 and 17, from the Houston area were recovered. The Houston FBI said the girls were working as prostitutes and no arrests were made.

“Child prostitution remains a persistent threat to children across America,” said Ron Hosko, assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division. “This operation serves as a reminder that these abhorrent crimes can happen anywhere and that the FBI remains committed to stopping this cycle of victimization and holding the criminals who profit from this exploitation accountable.”

FBI : Prostitution crackdown results in rescue of 105 children, including 3 in Houston. KSAT.com, 7/29/2013.

A crime so “persistent…abhorrent” there are no arrests? No pimp at all or a john for statutory rape, nobody? We’re supposed to applaud the authorities for not arresting the girls for prostitution? Maybe if men got arrested more often, and this is fueled by men, maybe it wouldn’t be so fucking “persistent” a “threat.”


Prostitution sting recovers six children, arrests 76 in Louisiana. WWL-TV.com, 7/29/2013.

“I cannot lose faith”—Mother in Jail After Drowning 1-Year-Old Son

Investigators say [Chloe] Menager drowned the child in the bathtub. She is being held on $1 million bond.

In a jailhouse interview with NBC 5 on Friday, Menager said, “I don’t know,” when asked if she believed she had killed her son.

“Right now, the only thing I know is that I have to pray,” she said. “I have to be strong, and I cannot lose faith. I cannot lose faith.”

Menager said she wanted to let her husband know that she wants him to come visit her in jail.

“I just want to talk about everything — what’s going to happen,” she said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen to me here, and I just need to talk to him.”

‘I have to pray’: Dallas mom charged with murdering infant son. NBCNews.com, 9/8/12.

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