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“She was no mother of mine”: Chicago Man Stabs 67-Year-Old Mother to Death

As Cook County prosecutors detailed how 32-year-old Michael Spaulding brutally attacked his mother, 67, and stole her purse and car, a mumbling Spaulding blurted out, “She was no mother of mine.”

A neighbor saw Spaulding stabbing the woman Monday before the knife-wielding Spaulding went inside, changed his clothes and took his mother’s purse from the apartment in the 1100 block of East 81st Street, Assistant State’s Attorney Jacqueline Kwilos said.

When he came back out, Spaulding allegedly stabbed Virginia Spaulding several more times and then fled with her car.

Chicago police found Virginia Spaulding with several stab wounds and a knife stuck in her eye, Kwilos said.

… Later in the day, Michael Spaulding was arrested by Evergreen Park police for allegedly stealing wine coolers from the Bleeker’s Bowling Lanes. He was driving his mom’s car when he was arrested, Kwilos said.

During his bond hearing Tuesday, Michael Spaulding, who wore high-waisted jeans in court, continually babbled and laughed.

He didn’t seem to know his last name when Judge James Brown asked him to identify himself.

Chicago man accused of stabbing mom to death: ‘She was no mother of mine.’ Chicago Sun-Times, 6/11/2013.

Woman Beats 82-Year Old Mother to Death on Mother’s Day Weekend

Another daughter of Catherine Glenn’s found the octogenarian’s severely bruised and bloodied body sticking out of the closet early Sunday morning, Cook County Assistant Atate’s Attorney Bridget O’Brien said. Glenn’s glasses had been knocked off her injured face and the leg and foot that had been protruding out of the closet had broken bones inside, O’Brien said.

Blood had been spattered throughout the room and walls and officers found towels with blood lying next to a metal rod with blood and tissue resting on a kitchen counter, O’Brien said.

Janette Glenn, who had lived with her mother in the first floor apartment since 2003, wasn’t there when police arrived after her sister called 911. But the 51-year-old had been acting “hyper” when she called her brother and asked to meet him at the hospital, O’Brien said.

When her brother tried to determine where she was and put her call on speaker while police were at the crime scene, in the 7800 block of South Euclid, she accused him of “trying to set her up,” O’Brien said.

Janette Glenn, who appeared before Judge James Brown with a paper gown and socks Tuesday, also allegedly had bloodstains all over her clothes and human tissue on her sweatpants when she was apprehended. Additionally, her right hand was swollen and had visible cuts, O’Brien said.

Catherine Glenn, who was healthy when her relatives and friends saw her at her birthday party late Saturday night, died of blunt force trauma, according to authorities.

Janette Glenn has no criminal background. The divorced woman has a master’s and nursing degree and moved back to Chicago in 2000 to take care of her ailing father…

Prosecutors: Daughter beat 82-year-old mother to death after senior’s birthday party. Chicago Sun-Times, 5/14/2013.

14-Year Old Has Boyfriend Stab Daddy to Death

According to police, 58-year-old Dennis James Lane was stabbed and killed in his home in the 8100 block of Winding Ross Way around 4:20 a.m.

“Jason Anthony Bulmer, 19, of the 8800 block of Town & Country Blvd. in Ellicott City and Morgan Lane Arnold, 14, of the 8100 block of Winding Ross Way in Ellicott City, will both be charged this evening as adults with first- and second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder,” Howard County officials said in a news release.

Arnold encouraged her boyfriend to stab her father while they were all in the house early Friday morning, police said.

Someone inside the home heard all the noise and called 9-1-1 at around 4:20 a.m., police said.

“Both Bulmer, who had blood on his hands and clothes, and Arnold were sitting in an upstairs bedroom when the police arrived. Officers found Lane deceased with multiple stab wounds in a different upstairs bedroom,” police said in a news release.

POLICE: Dennis Lane Stabbed To Death By Daughter’s Boyfriend, Jason Anthony Butler and Morgan Lane Arnold Arrested in Ellicott City, Md.., 5/11/2013.

Man Who Stabbed, Killed 8-Year-Old Girl Still At Large in CA [UPDATE?] [awful, awful UPDATE]

According to Fox 40, the victim’s 12-year-old brother was in the home at the time of the attack and called 911 after seeing an intruder. The girl was found with serious stab wounds and was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

The county coroner identified the girl as 8-year-old Leila Fowler. Initially she was reported as being 9-years-old, but Coroner Kevin Raggio said Sunday she would have turned 9 in June.

Authorities spent Saturday night and into Sunday conducting a door-to-door sweep of homes scattered across hilly terrain, checking storage sheds and horse stables, and even searching attics.

Fatal stabbing of girl, 8, prompts manhunt in California. Fox News, 4/28/2013.


8-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Killed By Intruder In Calif. Home (VIDEO). HuffPo Crime, 4/28/2013.

More: Deputies Search for 8-Year-Old’s Killer [Video]. Fox 40, 4/29/2013.



Police are looking into the possibility that a man, they said, tried to kidnap a baby in Placerville, Calif. may also be responsible for the killing of an 8-year-old girl who was killed 46 miles away.

Jason Wryrynen, 44, was arrested and charged with kidnapping and burglary charges on Tuesday, according to KCRA. Police in Placerville have contacted authorities in Calaveras County to look into any potential connection to the killing of Leila Fowler.

Jason Wryrynen Arrested: Man Could Become Suspect In Death Of 8-Year-Old Leila Fowler. HuffPo Crime, 4/30/2013.


UPDATE, awful, awful update:

Authorities have arrested the 12-year-old brother of an 8-year-old girl who was mysteriously stabbed at her home in a rural Northern California community last month.

The boy, who was not identified, will be charged with homicide, Calaveras County Sheriff Gary Kuntz told reporters Saturday night.

The April 27 attack on Leila Fowler shook the tightknit Valley Springs community of about 7,400 people and set off a massive manhunt.

The boy had told police he found his sister’s body and encountered an intruder in the home while their parents were at a Little League game. He described the man as being tall with long gray hair.

Police have said there was no sign of a burglary or robbery at the house.

… As part of the investigation, authorities seized several knives from the home Leila shared with her father, stepmother and siblings to determine if one could have inflicted the fatal wounds. A neighbor who told detectives she saw a man flee the Fowler home later recanted the story and was discredited by police.

Leila’s brother was taken into custody at 5:10 p.m. Saturday and police hastily called a news conference to announce the arrest.

Leila Fowler Killing: 12-Year-Old Brother Of Victim Arrested, To Be Charged With Homicide. HuffPo Crime, 5/12/2013.

Gun-Toting Boys Wound Woman, Kill Toddler

Sherry West was out walking her son Thursday morning when a pair of juveniles, one around 13 or 14 years of age and the other possibly as young as 10, approached her with a weapon and demanded her money.

“He said, ‘I am going to kill you if you don’t give me your money,’” said West.

When she replied that she wasn’t carrying any money, the older boy reportedly said, “Well, I am going to kill your baby.”

West tried to shield her child with her own body and was shot in the leg. The boy with the gun shot the infant in the head, then he and the other suspect fled on foot.

West’s son died at the scene. No witnesses have come forward and no weapon has been recovered. The boys are still at large.

Georgia mom shot in leg and baby killed in stroller by kids with gun. The Raw Story, 3/22/2013.

Missing Woman Found “in suitcases and plastic bags strewn throughout a Bronx neighborhood” [UPDATE]

Police have identified the victim as Tania Byrd, a 45-year-old woman who has been missing since the weekend. They think Byrd was dismembered at her Westchester Avenue apartment and they have a suspect in custody who has made statements implicating himself, NBC 4 New York has learned.

Sources have said Byrd’s son, who called police to report her missing Tuesday morning, was being questioned Tuesday.

Law enforcement officials tell NBC 4 New York that the man walking his dog along 158th Street in Morrisania came upon a plastic bag of what he thought were books. As he moved to open the bag, he noticed a gray Dodge Charger circling the block, so he took the bag around the corner and looked inside, finding two hands and a shoulder.

He sent his son to call police and continued walking the dog. About two blocks away on Eagle Avenue he and the dog came upon a suitcase, and the dog sat down next to it. The man opened the suitcase and found a woman’s torso, wearing a bra, according to law enforcement officials.

Responding police found a plastic bag further down Eagle Avenue that contained a leg and a foot, and then nearby on Cauldwell Avenue, they found a black suitcase with a leg and the woman’s head.

Suspect in Custody for Killing, Dismembering Bronx Woman., 2/26/2013.


The son [Bashid McLean] charged with murdering and dismembering his mother’s body allegedly posed with his mother’s severed head in a photo taken on his cellphone.

The Daily News reports 23-year-old Bashid McLean appears “almost gleeful” in the disturbing photo.

He has reportedly confessed to the charges and has been placed on suicide watch.

Bashid McLean Poses With Mother Tanya Byrd’s Decapitated Head In New York City (PHOTO). HuffPo New York, 3/1/2013.

McLean was charged with murder as well as unlawful dissection of a human body and hindering prosecution. His friend, William Harris, was also charged with unlawful dissection of a human body and hindering prosecution (plus criminal possession of stolen property and unlawful possession of marijuana). Both men accuse the other in the murder. From NBC New York:

Officials say the two men tell different stories. The son says he left the apartment he shared with his mother at about 3 a.m. Monday to go to the ATM. When he returned, he has told investigators, his friend had stabbed Byrd to death and threatened to kill him and his 6-year-old brother if he didn’t help get rid of the body.

His friend, meanwhile, has told investigators that the son told him he killed his mother, and showed him a photograph of her, dead, asking for his friend’s help in disposing of her corpse. The two suspects agree that they went to a Bronx hardware store to purchase supplies for the job, including a power saw and gloves. Investigators say there are bloodstains at the apartment, and that it appears someone tried to clean up the mess with bleach.

Son Accused Of Killing, Dismembering Mother Insists, “I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong!” Gothamist, 3/1/2013.


Teen Stabs Toddler Sister to Death, Cleans up and Changes Clothes

[Shelton] Ray [stepfather] said [13-year-old] Tyasia [Jackson] was caught with a boy inside the townhome while he and her mother were away from the house.

“My wife’s co-worker lives across the street. She was watching them. She seen my older daughter let a boy in the house. She called my wife at work. My wife told her to go get the boy out of the house,” Ray said.

“I told the boy to come out the house,” said that neighbor, Veronica Hillman. “If it was a boy in my house I would want someone to tell me.”

Hillman said she found the boy hiding inside a closet. Ray said after the boy and Hillman left, Tyasia told her three siblings to go upstairs while Sasha stayed downstairs with her.

“She made all the other kids go upstairs and then she stabbed [Sasha] by the back door. Put her outside came back in the house, cleaned up the blood, changed clothes then came outside and started looking for her with everybody else,” Ray said.

When her parents returned home, Ray said they asked Tyasia where Sasha was and began looking for her.

Ray and Tyasia’s mother then found Sasha’s body in the backyard with serious injuries.

“I thought a dog or something had gotten to her because of the bruises, the scars and the bleeding. Murder was far from my mind at that time. I didn’t think anyone had did something to her,” Ray said.

Ray said he picked his daughter up and attempted to take her the hospital. But before they reached the end of their subdivision, Sasha died.

13-year-old charged as an adult in death of 2-year-old sister., 11/20/12..

Bath Salts Junkie Kill Mother and Her Boyfriend

According to a police statement:

Bishop advised detectives that on Saturday, Oct. 27, his mother told him to get a job, take his medicine for his mental health issues, and to start paying rent. Bishop said he also had a heated discussion with Allen over the laundry. Saturday night, Bishop said he was angry and retrieved the shotgun after the arguments, loaded the weapon and shot his mother and Allen in their bedroom. He told detectives he then reloaded the shotgun and shot them again.

Benjamin Bishop Kills Mom Imari Shibata, Boyfriend Kelley Allen On Bath Salts, Confesses To Florida Cops. HuffPo Crime, 10/29/12.

Man Attacks Father Over Missing Dinner

When Morin told his son that he had missed the meal, Mark Morin became irate and head-butted his father several times before punching him in the chest, where a defibrillator is lodged under the skin, according to a sheriff’s report, and then threw the older man into a chair.

Edward Morin got up several minutes later to sweep the floor, the sheriff’s report reads, but his son snatched the broom away and used it to poke his father in the chest, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Mark Morin reportedly fled on his bicycle after his father said that he was calling 911.

Angry over missing a pot roast dinner, Fla. man attacks father, police say. Crimesider, 10/26/12.

Boy Kills Grandparents for Calling His Mother a “Whore”

[13-year old Zachary James] Proper used bolt cutters to break into a gun safe at his grandparents’ home and took a handgun. He put on headphones, sneaked up behind his grandmother and fatally shot her. He then called his grandfather and told him that he would meet him at the front door to help him carry in groceries. When the grandfather came home, Zachary took a pizza from his hands and then shot him repeatedly until the gun jammed.

Asked to explain the shootings, the boy told police “that he was mad at his grandparents because they had called his mother a whore and were speaking poorly about her.” Police did not elaborate on the remarks.

The boy told police he then drove his grandparents’ car to Oil City, dumped the gun in a storm drain and spent the night partying at a cousin’s house, the Gazette and the AP reported, citing the affidavit.

Police: 13-year-old killed grandparents after they called his mother a ‘whore.‘, 10/9/12.

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