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“the start of the revolution”: 5 Dead at WalMart Shooting, Including Gunmen in Suicide Pact [UPDATE}

Five people — including two Metro police officers — are dead in a shootout late Sunday morning in the northeast part of the valley.

The officers were shot at Cici’s Pizza, 309 N. Nellis Blvd. about 11:35 a.m. One died at the scene and the other died latter at UMC.

The suspects apparently had a suicide pact and said something about “the start of the revolution” before they shot the officers.

They took the officers weapons and left the restaurant.

The suspects then headed south to Walmart, 201 N. Nellis Blvd., and killed a person in the store.

They went to the back northwest corner of the store, according to radio calls, and told some shoppers that they wanted to have a shootout with Metro.

With the store surrounded by Metro officers and SWAT units, the two suspects took their lives.

Five dead, including 2 Metro officers, in shootout. News 3 HD, 6/8/2014.

UPDATE: “Gunmen” was not accurate. And it is no surprise to me tat these 2 were white supremacists, and that white supremacists are among the asshats clustered ideologically and physically around that liar and welfare cheat, Cliven Bundy.

Details are sketchy, but Metropolitan Police Department sources close to the investigation say the shooters shouted that “this is the start of a revolution” before opening fire on the officers, and draped their bodies with cloth showing a Revolutionary War-era flag. Investigators have also found paraphernalia associated with white supremacists.

Sunday night, Metro homicide investigators and FBI agents cordoned off and were searching a small apartment complex at 110 S. Bruce St., about four miles from the shooting scene. A resident of the complex said he had spoken with a man who lived in the apartment being searched. He said the man appeared “militant,” and often talked about conspiracy theories.

An explosion was heard at the apartment complex at about 9:30 p.m., but no information was immediately available Sunday night.

Sheriff Doug Gillespie said officers Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31, were shot while they ate lunch at CiCi’s Pizza, 309 N. Nellis Blvd., at about 11:20 a.m. Sunday.

…A law enforcement official who has been briefed on the incident said an officer — unconfirmed reports indicate it was Soldo — was refilling a soft drink when the female shooter approached him from behind and shot him in the head, killing him instantly.

The woman then shot the other officer several times as he drew his pistol. Gillespie said the officer was able to return fire but it was unclear if he hit anyone.

…Witnesses told police one of the shooters yelled “This is the start of a revolution” before shooting the officers. Gillespie later said he could not confirm that.

The shooters then stripped the officers of their weapons and ammunition and badges, according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation. They then covered the officers with something that featured the Gadsden flag, a yellow banner with a coiled snake above the words, “Don’t tread on Me.”

…As Metro officers entered the front and back doors of the store they exchanged gunfire with the shooters, Gillespie said.

The female shooter then shot her accomplice at least once before shooting herself in the head, a law enforcement official said. The wounded man then shot and killed himself. Their identities have not been released by police.

…The shooters were a married couple thought to be in their late 20s who were new to the Las Vegas Valley, according to a law enforcement official close to the investigation. Police are looking into their links to the white supremacy movement and found swastika symbols during their initial investigation.

Residents of the Bruce Street apartment complex gathered outside the building to talk about the couple whose unit was being searched.

Several neighbors identified the man as Jared, while one called the woman Amanda.

Like many of the neighbors contacted, Krista Koch said she didn’t know the couple’s last names. She described them as “militant.” They talked about planning to kill police officers, “going underground” and not coming out until the time was right to kill.

…“The man told Monroe he had been kicked off Cliven Bundy’s ranch 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas while people from throughout the U.S. gathered there in protest of a Bureau of Land Management roundup of Bundy’s cattle.” Jessica Anderson, 27, said. She lived next door.

Shooters in Metro ambush that left five dead spoke of white supremacy and a desire to kill police. Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/8/2014, Updated 6/9/2014.

Woman Says Demon Used Her to Drown 3-Year-Old Son

[Christine] Allen, 30, Las Vegas, had been lying on her bed Saturday, depressed, while her son Noah Lane Allen, 3, was taking a bath.

Then, Allen told police, it “was like a demon inside of me took over.” She went into the bathroom and asked her son if he wanted to go swimming. At first the boy answered yes. Allen then got into the tub and held her son’s head under water, according to a Metro Police arrest report released today. The boy struggled to get his head above water and told his mother he didn’t want to go swimming, but Allen pushed the boy’s head back under the surface.

Allen was booked on Saturday into Clark County Detention Center on one count of open murder in her son’s drowning. Clark County prosecutors today charged her with murder.

Mother says demon took over before she drowned son, police report indicates. Las Vegas Sun, 3/10/2014.

Teen Dragged and Killed for iPad

According to investigators, Marcos Arenas, 15, was walking down a street with the iPad on Thursday when a passenger got out of a vehicle and tried to steal the device from him.

[Jacob] Dismont [18] is accused of trying to wrest the tablet away and dragging Arenas toward the SUV when the youth wouldn’t let go of the device. After Dismont re-entered the vehicle and [Michael] Solid [21] sped away, the teen was dragged until he fell, police said. The vehicle ran over Arenas and he died at a hospital….

Ivan Arenas said he bought the iPad for his son less than two months ago. The family has never had a lot, the father said, and his son valued everything he had….

Similar thefts of iPads, IPhones and other Apple devices have become so widespread nationwide that the crime has earned the nickname, “Apple picking,” Cassell said….

Police urge victims of such crimes to always let go of the devices.

Two men arrested in killing over iPad in Las Vegas., 5/19/2013.

Las Vegas Police Lieutenant Kills Wife, Son, Self

Henderson police spokesman Keith Paul said a man called 911 at about 8:20 a.m. Monday and told a dispatcher he killed his wife and child, set his house afire and would shoot anyone who approached.

The home is owned by Hans Walters, according to Clark County assessor records. Many know Walters as a Las Vegas police lieutenant married to a former Las Vegas police officer, Kathryn Walters. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that she left the department in 2005.

Boulder City police arrived to find the homeowner with a handgun in the doorway of the burning house before he retreated back inside and apparently killed himself, Paul said.

No shots were fired by police or SWAT officers from Henderson and North Las Vegas who later found the bodies of a 52-year-old man, a 46-year-old woman and a boy inside, Paul said. Officials said the boy was believed to be about 7.

Police Lieutenant Kills Wife, Son In Murder-Suicide In Las Vegas. HuffPo Crime, 1/21/2013.

Pissed about Committee Assignment, Las Vegas Assemblyman Threatens to Shoot Colleague

Assemblyman Steven Brooks, 40, of North Las Vegas made threats to harm a public official Saturday afternoon, police said in a news release Sunday morning. A source said he was arrested with a loaded gun after threatening to shoot [Democratic Speaker-elect Marilyn] Kirkpatrick.

Kirkpatrick and witnesses who corroborated the allegation prompted police to begin searching for Brooks. About 5:30 p.m., Brooks was seen driving in the area of Carey Avenue and Mt. Hood Street, where he was taken into custody without incident during a traffic stop.

Another Democratic source with knowledge of the situation said Brooks publicly threatened to harm Kirkpatrick because he was unhappy with the committee assignments given to him by Kirkpatrick. The 2013 Legislature begins Feb. 4.

Assemblyman in jail, accused of threatening fellow lawmaker. Las Vegas Sun, 1/20/2013.

Bloody Hammer Stranger Killings in Las Vegas

Bryan Clay, 22, was arrested Friday in the April 15 rape and bludgeoning deaths of 38-year-old Ignacia Martinez and 10-year-old Karla Martinez. He had no connection to the family of five, Lt. Ray Steiber said Saturday.

“This was a complete stranger killing a mother and daughter and attacking the father,” Steiber told The Associated Press. “I’ve been doing this (police work) 24 years, and you don’t see cases like this. I can’t even put this into words.”

Nothing was taken from the blood-spattered house, and investigators were unsure of the motive for the attack.

“There’s no rhyme or reason to why (it happened),” he said, adding Clay doesn’t have a “significant” criminal history.

Clay also was booked in the beating and rape of a 50-year-old woman in the same west Las Vegas neighborhood hours before the slayings.

Man faces charges in bloody hammer killings of Las Vegas woman and daughter., 4/27/12.

Danielle Yvonne Slaughter Stabs Daughter with Scissors Claiming an ‘Evil Presence’

A police report said Slaughter told investigators “she never felt this way before,” and that she said she wanted to remove the evil she felt from the house.

Slaughter told police she kept her daughter home from day care on Sunday because of the evil presence.

She said they were sitting on the bed when the girl spoke in “evil words,” laughed “in an evil voice” and clawed and kicked at her. The mother said she picked up scissors and struck the child several times.

Danielle Yvonne Slaughter Allegedly Used Scissors To Stab, Kill Daughter Citing ‘Evil Presence’ HuffPo|Crime, 3/14/12

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