After Beltway 8 Police Chase, Man Shot Dead Live on TV

The pursuit began at about 10:40am Wednesday when the driver of a blue Chrysler 300 fled during a traffic stop. Authorities say police tried to pull over the driver for “suspicious activity,” including unsafe lane changes.

After several minutes of a high speed pursuit, during which the driver eluded police by going around patrol cars and even driving into the grass, the chase came to a crashing halt. The suspect slammed into a small white car at the intersection of Wallisville and Castlegory, then spun into another vehicle.

That’s when the suspect, identified as Frank Ernest Shepherd, III, got out of the car, but as he reached back inside the vehicle, officers opened fire, fatally striking him. Police say 10 to 12 shots were fired.

The end of the pursuit unfolded quickly, with only a matter of seconds elapsing between the time the suspect struck the white car and the time officers opened fire. HPD spokesperson John Cannon says two of the officers involved in the chase have been on the force for six years. He identified them as R Gonzales and L Engle. He didn’t elaborate on the nature of their involvement. It’s not yet known if they were wearing body cameras. [emphasis added]


Argument Leads to Shooting Leads to Driving into Bystanders

There were some tense moments in a Houston, Texas neighborhood Wednesday when a car plowed through a crowd gathered at a murder scene.

Investigators say it all began as a dispute between neighbors and then it quickly escalated out of control.

That dispute led to a fatal shooting in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Then while the investigation was underway, the driver of a silver sedan suddenly plowed through the crowd of onlookers.

The car clipped at least one person.

Officials say the driver of the car is believed to be the father of the alleged murder suspect.

The suspect is still on the loose.

Video: Driver plows through crowd at shooting scene. Click2Houston.com, 5/7/2014.

Raw video: Driver tries to run people over. The Grio/MSNBC, 5/8/2014.


Man Kills Roommates with Wheelchair Armrest

Police said the two victims, identified in court records as Antonio Acosta, 77, and Primitivo Lopez, 51, suffered head trauma and were pronounced dead at the scene.

Nursing home employees told investigators [Guillermo] Correa [56] did not get along with his roommates and got into a fight with them, police spokesman Victor Senties said. But exactly what sparked the fight is still not known, he said. Another person was in the room during the attack and is being questioned by police.

…[Acosta’s daughter, Irma] Chavez, 51, said Correa would cut himself, often talked to himself and would argue with other people in the facility. Police said Correa is wheelchair-bound but Chavez said he could walk around.

Texas nursing home resident killed 2 roommates with armrest of his wheelchair, police say. nola.com|Times-Picayune/AP, 4/22/2014.

Woman Kills Child with Punch to Stomach

Elisena Carmona, who is accused of killing her boyfriend’s 4-year-old daughter Lillian Fortner, was arrested Wednesday. On Tuesday, the couple brought the girl to the North West Medical Center emergency room, but the girl was dead before doctors could treat her.

Carmona told doctors that Lillian had fallen and hit her head a few days earlier.

The autopsy revealed Lillian died from a puncture in her small intestine, caused by blunt force trauma to the abdomen. Police said Carmona later confessed that she got frustrated with Lillian and punched her in the stomach.

Woman arrested, accused of fatally punching boyfriend’s 4-year-old daughter. KHOU, 3/14/2014.

“I can’t tell you or my dad will get mad”: Father Beats Son over School Behavior Report

According to police, a teacher saw scratches and bruises all over the 12-year-old’s face and head and asked the boy what happened. The child allegedly replied “I can’t tell you or my dad will get mad.”

That is when the teacher took the injured boy to the nurse’s office so they could investigate further. When asked again, the child opened up and told the nurse his dad beat him after he got a bad behavior report from school.

The boy said Newman first took a wrench and busted up his Nintendo DS game system. He threw shards of game pieces at the boy, hitting him in the back of the head. It did not end there, police said.

Newman then dragged his son into the kitchen and threw him down on the floor. He placed his knee in the boy’s chest, pinning him, then pounded him in the face and head while spewing profanities, documents state. The boy’s cheeks were bruised and his face was swollen.

The child was taken to Texas Children’s Pediatric Medical Hospital for evaluation. Doctors found the boy had numerous hematomas and contusions upon the right and left side of the face, as well as bruising on the right shoulder and back. It was determined he suffered blunt head trauma, according to court documents

Police: Dad says he stopped son’s beating after boy did not ’emotionally react’ to strikes. KHOU.com, 1/16/2014.

2 Killed, 22 Shot at Birthday Party in Cypress, TX

Police are looking for two suspects in connection with the shooting late Saturday in Cypress, a suburb of Houston, Christina Garza at the Harris County Sheriff’s Department told CNN.

…One person died in the house and the other died in the hospital, Garza said.

Those hurt were rushed to the hospital, though it’s still unclear how many of those have gunshot wounds and how many were injured in the stampede to flee the shooting.

“As you can imagine, this was chaos in a residential neighborhood. This was a private home where they were hosting a house party,” Garza said.

There were at least 22 people rushed to five area hospitals, though some had minor injuries, the Houston Chronicle reported, citing the sheriff’s office.

More than 100 people were at the house celebrating a birthday, the Chronicle said.

Two dead, 22 injured in Texas birthday party shooting: reports. The Raw Story, 11/10/2013.

Thieves Kill Compliant Employee for No Reason

The victim was later identified as 37-year-old Yolanda Lara of Pasadena, an employee at the game room.

Police said a guard let the men in and they soon drew their guns. The suspects then allegedly ordered customers and employees onto the ground while they robbed them.

Witnesses told investigators Lara had complied and it was unclear why she was shot. She died from a single bullet.

Police said the suspects ran out the front door and no arrests were made.

Police: Employee killed in game room shooting complied with suspects’ demands. KSAT.com, 8/31/2013.

SE Houston Man Beaten to Death with “flashlight and other items”

Witnesses reported a disturbance at the scene, and police arrived to find a beaten man. He was sent to the hospital where he later died.

HPD said the victim was beaten with a flashlight and other items. The suspect in the beating stayed at the scene and was taken into custody.

No further information about the crime was released at the scene.

HPD: Suspect beat victim to death with flashlight. KHOU.com, 8/7/2013.

“and no arrests were made”

Raids by Dallas FBI and San Antonio FBI resulted in a combined five arrests and two recovered teens.

The FBI said three teenage girls, ages 15, 16 and 17, from the Houston area were recovered. The Houston FBI said the girls were working as prostitutes and no arrests were made.

“Child prostitution remains a persistent threat to children across America,” said Ron Hosko, assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division. “This operation serves as a reminder that these abhorrent crimes can happen anywhere and that the FBI remains committed to stopping this cycle of victimization and holding the criminals who profit from this exploitation accountable.”

FBI : Prostitution crackdown results in rescue of 105 children, including 3 in Houston. KSAT.com, 7/29/2013.

A crime so “persistent…abhorrent” there are no arrests? No pimp at all or a john for statutory rape, nobody? We’re supposed to applaud the authorities for not arresting the girls for prostitution? Maybe if men got arrested more often, and this is fueled by men, maybe it wouldn’t be so fucking “persistent” a “threat.”


Prostitution sting recovers six children, arrests 76 in Louisiana. WWL-TV.com, 7/29/2013.

Man Kills Fire Inspector in “domestic incident”

The shooting happened at about 10 a.m. just after David Stoneham [Houston Fire Department inspector] pulled up to his house, in the 530 block of Troy, with his 17-year-old daughter in the car.

“Next thing she knows, moments later, is that she hears what sounds like a shot gun racking,” said HPD Public Information Officer John Cannon. “And then just moments after that, she hears two shots and sees her stepfather shoot her father at point-blank range.”

Witnessed said they heard gun shots before the suspect, identified as Alain M. Bell, fled in a black Chevy pickup truck.

“It was really, really loud. And that’s what scared me so much,” said Linda Walker. “By the time I got to the living room, I heard the second shot.”

The noise came from two houses down from Walker’s home. “So I came to see and I said, ‘Are you OK?’ And she said, ‘No, that’s my dad. My stepdad just shot my dad.’”

Off-duty HFD inspector fatally shot in north Houston. KHOU, 7/15/2013.

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