Mother Charged with Torture in Death of 3-Year Old

Fafane Caze, 21, was arrested Tuesday night on charges of torture and aggravated child abuse after her son was found with signs of severe trauma and sexual abuse Tuesday morning, but Miami-Dade Judge Maria Elena Verde increased the charges in a Wednesday hearing.

…When police responded to the scene, the child had several injuries on his body, North Miami Detective Alanzo Rhymer testified Wednesday.

“There were numerous, throughout his entire body, scars — buckle-shaped scars,” he said. “Some were fresh, some were old.”

Rhymer said he also saw burn marks on the child’s face, genitals and fingers. He said Caze admitted to burning her son as a form of punishment in a statement to police that was recorded on video.

In the moments before the child’s death, said Rhymer, Caze admitted to beating the boy with the handle of an aluminum broom. She then grabbed him by the hand and flung him across the room where he hit his head against the corner of a wooden table, according to Rhymer.

Caze told police the child gasped for air and asked for water, but when she tried to give him some, he couldn’t drink it. She told police she attempted CPR and called 911 shortly after, according to Rhymer.

The boy was taken to Jackson North Hospital from his home at 12501 Northeast 13th Ave. and was later pronounced dead, according to police. Rhymer said the emergency room doctor who attended the boy said his core temperature was indicative of someone who had been dead for three to four hours.

Mother Charged With Attempted Murder After Death of Boy, 3, Found With Signs of Sexual Abuse: North Miami Police. NBC Miami, 1/22/2014.

10-Year Old Gunned Down in Nail Salon Robbery

Predicting that they’ll kill again, Miami-Dade police on Saturday blanketed the neighborhood with photos of two gunmen who fatally shot a 10-year-old boy as his mother and father watched during the brazen robbery of their nail salon on a busy thoroughfare .

… Though it didn’t capture the shooting itself, a video security system recorded the two men bursting into Hong Kong Nails salon at 14832 NW Seventh Ave. Friday night, pistols already drawn.

Moments later, young Aaron Vu was dead and his father, 42-year-old Hai Nam Vu, was critically wounded. Hai Nam Vu and his wife Lynn own the salon, and workers at neighboring stores say the boy often hung out there with his parents.

…Images from the video clearly show the face of one gunman, a young man wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and a red headband. The other has what police said is a red shirt draped around his head like a ski mask.

The video shows the two men striding aggressively into the shop, guns drawn. They disappear from the frame, then reappear as they leave the shop — one of them now carrying what appears to be a woman’s purse.

Miami-Dade Police search for killers of 10-year-old boy in nail salon robbery. Miami Herald, 11/23/2013.

“All of that body language alone” Spurs Cops to Tackle Teen on Beach in Front of His Mother

His family said, just before all this happened, McMillian had been playing in the water with some of his friends. He said he was holding his 6-week-old puppy when officers came up to him and asked what he was doing. Miami-Dade Police said the reason officers approached McMillian is, because they saw him roughhousing with another teenager.

When they approached him, police said, they realized there was no sort of altercation or fight going on, but they continued to ask McMillian where his parents were. McMillian said he turned to lead officers to his mother who was on the beach with him. That’s when, both McMillian and his mother said, police on ATVs chased him, cut him off and then held him to the ground. His mother, Maurissa Holmes, said, “I ran over there and said, ‘That’s my son, that’s my son. Can you get off of him? He can’t breath.’ And they said, ‘Wait a minute. You all stand back, stand back.'”

He was coming to show the officers where I was at, and for them to just jump off the ATV and grab him and throw him to the ground like that and put pressure on his neck and make him urinate on himself, you don’t do that.”

“I was at the beach playing with my friends,” said McMillian. “That’s when the police had told us to stop, so I asked, why, and he told me, because he said so, and I asked why again. That’s when he told me, ‘Show me where your mom’s at.'”

McMillian said he was cradling his puppy Marco when it all went down. He said he was obeying officers and only wanted to lead them to his mom. His mother said, “As he was walking along the beach, the catwalk where the picnic area is, the police officers were on their ATVs, and my son was walking, and they jumped off their ATVs, grabbed him and slammed him to the ground.”

According to the police report, officers said McMillian got combative and clenched his fist. Police wrote, “He attempted to pull his arm away, stating, ‘Man, don’t touch me like I did something.'”

Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta explained, “All of that body language alone is already letting the officers know that this is a person that is now obviously getting agitated and can become violent.”

McMillian counters, “How would my fist be balled up and I had the baby bottle inside my right hand, and my puppy inside my left hand when I was feeding him?”…

McMillian is being represented by a public defender, and they hope the cellphone video [by a witness] will help them win their case.

An alleged fist, one, is a sign someone is “getting agitated and can become violent”? Being black, young and male is not a crime and harassing young black men should not be defended as the police “doing their job.” There is no indication this kid was a threat. None. Unless you believe, like too many people in Florida [George Zimmerman is not the only fool], that being black and male is probable cause. No, saying “But look how many of them are in jail/arrested” does not justify or excuse your own racist-tinged thinking that completely dehumanizes some people because of how they look.

Family accuse police of brutality during teen’s arrest. WSVN-TV, 5/29/2013.


People, PLEASE Stop Eating Each Other!

Tokyo Transsexual Cooks and Serves His Own Genitals at Public “Ham Cybele” Banquet, Police Shrug, “It’s Not Illegal.” CalorieLab, 5/17/12.

Naked man killed by Police near MacArthur Causeway was ‘eating’ face off victim. Miami Herald, 5/26/12.

Maryland man charged with killing, eating man’s brain, heart. Baltimore Sun, 5/31/12.

Man cut off wife’s lips and ate them. The Local, 5/3o/12.

FL Boy Takes Girl on Date So His Friend Can Rob Her House

On the day of the date, surveillance video shows Maldonado getting out of the passenger side of a car at the victim’s home.

He runs up to the front door and around the side of the house. According to police, Maldonado knew the victim had already left for their date and the victim’s mother was out of town.

Detectives say that after Maldonado and the victim left the home, the accomplice returned, pulled a car into the driveway and stole more than $7-thousand dollars in electronics.

The arrest report indicates that police believe Maldonado may have unlocked a bedroom window in the home before he and the victim left for their date.

Arrest made in Coral Springs crooked casanova case,, 3/16/12

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