Woman Confesses Killing Husband to Relative Then Commits Suicide

According to homicide investigators, a woman fatally shot her husband in an apartment on W. Tidwell Road near Highway 290. She then drove to a family member’s in Harris County where she confessed to the crime and shot herself. The woman was sent to the hospital where she later died.

… With the help of the Houston Fire Department, officials gained entry to the home and found the 43-year-old husband dead inside, police said.

Woman confesses to killing husband before killing self at relative’s Harris County home. KHOU.com, 1/1/2014.

Campus Cop Gone Bad: Kills Unarmed Student Who Said “Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?”

“I heard (a man) say, ‘Oh, you’re gonna shoot me?’ like sarcastic almost,” said Mohammad Haidarasl, 22, who was on his couch in his ground-floor unit at the Treehouse Apartments in Alamo Heights at about 2 a.m.

Less than a minute later, Haidarasl heard four to six gunshots.

“I jumped up and hid in my closet,” he said.

Haidarasl didn’t look out the window until he heard emergency vehicles converging on the quiet apartment complex. It wasn’t until later that he realized the person shot was his upstairs neighbor, whom he described as “the nicest guy.”

[Robert Cameron] Redus, 23, would have graduated from UIW in May, university officials said. He was on the dean’s list in fall 2012 and spring 2013, the university’s website noted.

…He launched into his story again, explaining that he heard the officer say more than once, “Stop resisting, stop resisting.”

He thought he heard a struggle, he said.

“Then the cop said, ‘I’m going to shoot,’” Haidarasl said.

And that, Haidarasl added, was what garnered the off-handed, sarcastic comment from their neighbor.

Then the silence, followed by gunfire.

UIW police officer involved in fatal shooting. San Antonio Express-News, 12/6/2013.

Officers Gone Bad: 2 Bad Officers off the Streets [Update]

Police officer who made mentally ill black man ‘dance like a chimp’ removed from duty. The Raw Story, 11/24/2013.

The video, which the unnamed officer posted on various social media sites, allegedly shows the officer demanding a mentally challenged black man to “dance like a chimp.”

It is unclear whether the unnamed officer is solely responsible for the video, or if other officers were involved. The Grosse Pointe Park Police Department did inform its officers that they are prohibited from posting videos from personal cell phones on social media while on duty.

City officials declined to comment on the investigation until it concluded, but a public relations expert hired by the police department apologized on its behalf late last week.

Texas cop arrested for handcuffing and raping 19-year-old at traffic stop. The Raw Story, 11/24/2013.

According to an arrested warrant obtained by the San Antonio Express-News, Officer Jackie Len Neal pulled over the [19-year-old woman], telling her that her car was reported stolen.

Even though the woman produced a sales slip for the vehicle, Neal insisted on patting her down. The woman told him she felt uncomfortable with the pat down and asked for a female officer, but he ignored her, the warrant said. The woman was allegedly groped, placed in handcuffs and then taken to the back of his patrol car.

Neal was accused of raping the woman and instructing her to keep it a secret.

At the time of the alleged assault, video cameras mounted in Neal’s cruiser were not functioning because a hard drive was missing. However, a GPS tracking system did corroborate that the police cruiser was parked for 18 minutes on Betty Street as the woman had claimed.

At a press conference on Saturday, Police Chief William McManus said that Neal would have known the video recording system was not functioning in his cruiser.

…McManus confirmed that Neal had been suspended in September for dating an 18-year-old, who had joined the Police Explorer program in preparation for a law enforcement career. He had also been accused of sexual assault while on duty several years earlier, but the woman refused to cooperate with a police investigation and the charges were dropped.

UPDATE, 11/27/2013: Jackie Len Neal, Cop Who Allegedly Raped Handcuffed Teen, Went Looking For Her After Assault: Cops. HuffPo Crime.

A police report released Tuesday says the woman initially called 911 to report that she was being assaulted by another woman. According to the report, the woman told a responding officer that she “lied” — that she wanted to actually report a rape Friday by a San Antonio officer wearing a badge that said “R. Neal.”

Police eventually arrested Officer Jackie Len Neal, who is now accused of sexual assault. Police say Neal was found looking for the woman, having identified himself as “Jack.”

2 Killed, 22 Shot at Birthday Party in Cypress, TX

Police are looking for two suspects in connection with the shooting late Saturday in Cypress, a suburb of Houston, Christina Garza at the Harris County Sheriff’s Department told CNN.

…One person died in the house and the other died in the hospital, Garza said.

Those hurt were rushed to the hospital, though it’s still unclear how many of those have gunshot wounds and how many were injured in the stampede to flee the shooting.

“As you can imagine, this was chaos in a residential neighborhood. This was a private home where they were hosting a house party,” Garza said.

There were at least 22 people rushed to five area hospitals, though some had minor injuries, the Houston Chronicle reported, citing the sheriff’s office.

More than 100 people were at the house celebrating a birthday, the Chronicle said.

Two dead, 22 injured in Texas birthday party shooting: reports. The Raw Story, 11/10/2013.

Good: Prosecutor Disbarred, Sent to Jail for Withholding Evidence

Former Williamson County District Attorney Ken Anderson did not disclose evidence to the defense in a case 27 years ago, and will spend 10 days in a county jail.

As a consequence of that misconduct, though, Michael Morton spent 25 years in prison for the murder of his wife Christine, a crime he did not commit, for which he was exonerated by DNA evidence last year.

Christine Morton’s actual killer, Mark Alan Norwood, was convicted of her murder earlier this year, and is now indicted for killing another woman in Austin two and a half years after Christine’s death.

Morton’s defenders from the Innocence Project hailed the legal precedent set Friday by Anderson’s plea deal allowing for a contempt charge for failing to disclose exculpatory evidence. “Every state and federal judge can issue such an order tomorrow and deter those few prosecutors who would otherwise deliberately violate their ethical and legal duties,” said Barry Scheck, Co-Director of the Innocence Project, which is affiliated with Cardozo School of Law. After suffering 25 years in prison as an innocent man, Michael Morton has courageously fought to hold Ken Anderson accountable and to prevent anyone from being victimized by similar misconduct. Today was an important first step.”

Anderson refused to disclose that the lead police investigator had learned that Morton’s 3-year-old son witnessed the crime and told his grandmother that Morton wasn’t the perpetrator, that Anderson had learned that a neighbor had reported seeing someone staking out the house, and that someone had tried to use the victim’s credit card in San Antonio after the murder.

Anderson had been facing up to 10 years in prison on a felony and misdemeanor charges of tampering with evidence, which were dropped according to the Austin American Statesman. Anderson will be disbarred for at least five years as well, pending final review by the Texas Supreme Court.

Texas prosecutor will serve 10 days in jail for wrongfully convicting man imprisoned for 25 years. The Raw Story, 11/10/2013.

Mass Murder, Manhunt, Police Chase—Just Another Night in Kaufman County, TX

Police first found the body of a woman who had been fatally shot in the head in the 300 block of Tyler Street, near State Highway 34, shortly after 5 p.m.

About a half-hour later, a firefighter spotted flames coming from [Charles Everett] Brownlow’s home, a few blocks away on Stallings Street. Another woman’s body was found in that home, which had “very clearly” been deliberately burned, Lay said.

Police suspected a connection between the two crimes and called the Texas Rangers and Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office to help with the investigation.

Authorities soon determined that Brownlow [36] was missing, along with a white 2002 Ford Focus. Suspecting that the car had been stolen, police began looking for it.

About 10 p.m., shots were reported in the 800 block of North Frances Street, and a man matching Brownlow’s description was spotted leaving in a Ford Focus. No one was injured in the shooting, which occurred less than two miles from where the first body was discovered.

About a half-hour later — and less than a mile away — another shooting was reported in the 800 block of Eulalia Drive, where a man and a woman were found shot to death. A 3-year-old boy was discovered in his bed and appears to be “in good condition,” [Police Chief Jody] Lay said.

Less than 15 minutes later, another man was found dead at a convenience store in the 700 block of West Moore Avenue after an off-duty officer spotted a man running away from it.

The man fled in a Ford Focus, and police chased it until reaching a dead end. The driver escaped on foot into a wooded area, dropping a handgun holster along the way.

Brownlow was arrested after he was found hiding in a creek near Gardner and Canton streets, about a mile from the convenience store, police said.

… Monday’s manhunt shook Terrell as heavily armed law-enforcement personnel went door to door searching for Brownlow.

Earlier this year, Kaufman County was the subject of intense police activity after District Attorney Mike McLelland, his wife, Cynthia Woodward McLelland, and Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse were slain.

Suspect captured after series of five slayings in Terrell. DallasNews.com|The Dallas Morning News, 10/28/2013.

Woman Kills Cheating Husband via Motorcycle Accident

Sheriff’s investigators said the victim’s wife, Frances Hall, 50, was driving a black Cadillac Escalade south on Loop 1604 around 7:20 p.m. Thursday, when she began chasing her husband and his girlfriend. Bill Hall was riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle. His girlfriend was driving a black Range Rover.

Investigators said they believe Frances Hall bumped the Range Rover and forced it into another lane, then struck her husband’s motorcycle, which caused him to lose control and crash. They said Frances Hall did not stop to help, and instead continued to chase her husband’s girlfriend along Loop 1604, down Madonna Lacoste and back to the 9700 block of Loop 1604, where the two eventually stopped.

Bill Hall was airlifted to University Hospital, where he later died.

Woman charged with murder in husband’s motorcycle death. KSAT, 10/11/2013.

Because of “Argument,” Man Sets Friend, His RV on Fire

An argument between friends on the city’s South Side ended in a fiery fashion early Friday when one of them doused the other with gasoline and set him on fire, San Antonio police said.

Police Chief William McManus said the victim was burned 80 to 90 percent of his body.

… The suspect also suffered burns. Both men were taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center.

McManus said the men were outside a small office building in the 1900 block of Mauermann Road near Applewhite Road at 6:30 a.m., when the argument erupted.

After the suspect set the victim on fire, he then set fire to the victim’s RV, McManus said. The flames spread to the nearby office building.

The susepct then drove off in his pickup truck and and crashed in a deep ditch in a rugged area not far from the original scene.

Man doused with gasoline, set on fire in San Antonio. KSAT, 10/11/2013.

Teen Kills Friend after Argument: One Shotgun Blast to the Back

The incident happened around 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning in the 700 block of Kilgore Road.

Dustin Head, 22, was found by his sister Brittini Head lying in the road bleeding from a gunshot wound.

… Officers were later informed that Dustin had been at a friend’s residence where he and Haley Korocy, 17 of Baytown, had gotten into an argument. The argument turned physical and Dustin chose to leave the residence when he called Brittini to come and pick him up.

According to police, while Dustin was waiting outside to be picked up, Korocy recovered a rifle from inside her home and fired one shot at Dustin striking him in the back.

Argument between friends turns into fatal shooting in Baytown. KHOU.com, 10/2/2013.

Dustin, Haley from KHOU.com

The picture implies Dustin may have been transgender. What, if that is true, is the victim’s chosen name? It’s not shameful, just different.

Fatal Stabbing at Spring H.S., TX

A 17-year-old student has been stabbed to death and three others are injured after a fight at a Houston-area high school.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia says a confrontation around 7 a.m. Wednesday at Spring High School escalated and resulted in multiple stabbings. He says all the people involved in the fight were students in the Spring school district.

Three others described as “persons of interest” are being questioned by investigators. Garcia says authorities are not searching for any other suspects.

Garcia says two students have been hospitalized with minor injuries and the third is listed in good condition after being airlifted to a Houston hospital.

Authorities did not say what prompted the confrontation.

…Brent said her son sent her at least a dozen texts asking her to come pick him up from the school, which is about 20 miles north of Houston. “He’s just afraid,” she said.

She described the situation as “ridiculous,” saying fights at the school were a problem in the last academic year.

Spring High School Stabbing: Life Flight Responds As Photos Of Blood Surface In Houston. HuffPo Crime, 9/4/2013.

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