“I can’t tell you or my dad will get mad”: Father Beats Son over School Behavior Report

According to police, a teacher saw scratches and bruises all over the 12-year-old’s face and head and asked the boy what happened. The child allegedly replied “I can’t tell you or my dad will get mad.”

That is when the teacher took the injured boy to the nurse’s office so they could investigate further. When asked again, the child opened up and told the nurse his dad beat him after he got a bad behavior report from school.

The boy said Newman first took a wrench and busted up his Nintendo DS game system. He threw shards of game pieces at the boy, hitting him in the back of the head. It did not end there, police said.

Newman then dragged his son into the kitchen and threw him down on the floor. He placed his knee in the boy’s chest, pinning him, then pounded him in the face and head while spewing profanities, documents state. The boy’s cheeks were bruised and his face was swollen.

The child was taken to Texas Children’s Pediatric Medical Hospital for evaluation. Doctors found the boy had numerous hematomas and contusions upon the right and left side of the face, as well as bruising on the right shoulder and back. It was determined he suffered blunt head trauma, according to court documents

Police: Dad says he stopped son’s beating after boy did not ’emotionally react’ to strikes. KHOU.com, 1/16/2014.

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