Man Stabs Wife to Death, Hugs and Kisses Daughters before Stabbing Them to Death

The bodies of Yoselin and her two daughters were found Sunday evening by a 12-year-old boy who shared the home with the family, sources and relatives said. They were undiscovered for nearly a day.

Mejia-Ramos told police he came home Saturday night after drinking beer with friends and flew into a jealous rage after seeing a photo of his wife with another man on her Facebook page and on her phone, prosecutors said.

He allegedly grabbed a knife from the butcher block in the room and stood over his wife and daughters while they slept, the complaint says.

His wife woke up and screamed, but he stabbed her — then grabbed another knife and stabbed her again after she ran away, twisting it into her side and breaking the knife, according to the complaint.

His daughter Daniela was awake, and he told police he picked her up, gave her a hug and kiss and asked for her forgiveness before putting her back on her bed and stabbing her, prosecutors said.

He also allegedly picked up his younger daughter, Yoselin, and hugged and kissed her before stabbing her to death.

Jamaica Man Asked Daughters for Forgiveness Before Killing Them: DA. DNAinfo New York, 1/22/2014.

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