43-Year Old Dies in “consensual sex act” with 16-Year Old

Police were called to the 6200 block of West Olive Avenue on Saturday at about 5:45 p.m. on report of a injured person in an apartment. What they found instead was a dead 43-year-old man, officials said.

Sgt. Jay O’Neill, a Glendale police spokesman, Jason Ash had several cuts to his body and a cord around his neck.

Police first interviewed the teenager’s mother, who said she had been home for a time but left her daughter and her daughter’s friend, Ash, alone at the apartment.

She later received a call from her daughter indicating that she and Ash were involved in a consensual sex act involving strangulation, and that Ash was dead, according to police. The mother said she returned to the apartment, called 911 and attempted to resuscitate Ash.

Glendale police: 16-year-old girl says man died during sex act. AZCentral.com, 1/21/2014.

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