World Gone Bad: Man Beats to Death Son at Cricket Training, Killed by Police

In front of multiple witnesses, including the mother.

A community was in shock Thursday after a man killed his 11-year-old son at a cricket training session before being shot dead by police in front of bystanders, including children.

The boy was fatally beaten just after he finished training with his junior cricket team on Wednesday evening, suffering significant head injuries at the Tyabb oval on the Mornington Peninsula, some 100 kilometres (60 miles) southeast of Melbourne.

He died at the scene with police arriving to find the father, 54, armed with a knife. When capsicum, or pepper spray failed to subdue him, he was shot once in the chest.

The man was airlifted to hospital but died early Thursday, leaving a traumatised wife and mother who was at the cricket oval when the attack took place.

“I confirm that the male shot by police is the father of the child who is deceased and we’re not looking for anyone else,” police commander Doug Fryer told reporters.

… He added: “We’re just putting the pieces together still.”

Reports said the father was estranged from his wife and a custody battle was underway.

…“I can’t go into the specifics and what culminated to cause the death of the young man or even the events leading up to the shooting of the father. I can say the homicide squad are here, taking primacy of the investigation.”

… Tyabb is a small community of just 3,300 people and the events had left it devastated, Fryer added.

Australian man beats 11-year-old son to death before being shot and killed by cops. The Raw Story, 2/12/2014.

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