Man Kills Roommates with Wheelchair Armrest

Police said the two victims, identified in court records as Antonio Acosta, 77, and Primitivo Lopez, 51, suffered head trauma and were pronounced dead at the scene.

Nursing home employees told investigators [Guillermo] Correa [56] did not get along with his roommates and got into a fight with them, police spokesman Victor Senties said. But exactly what sparked the fight is still not known, he said. Another person was in the room during the attack and is being questioned by police.

…[Acosta’s daughter, Irma] Chavez, 51, said Correa would cut himself, often talked to himself and would argue with other people in the facility. Police said Correa is wheelchair-bound but Chavez said he could walk around.

Texas nursing home resident killed 2 roommates with armrest of his wheelchair, police say.|Times-Picayune/AP, 4/22/2014.

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