“I wouldn’t think he would do anything like this”: Man Kills Girlfriend, Her Brother and Mother, Then Himself

Police said the 28-year-old man grabbed a handgun after getting into a dispute with his girlfriend.

“Basically, he went from room to room and killed everyone,” said Pomona police Lt. Mike Keltner.

Police received a call at 10:52 p.m. Thursday from a relative of the alleged shooter.

“The suspect told a family member that he was going to hurt himself and everyone else in the house,” said Pomona police Lt. Ronald McDonald.

When police arrived at the home in the 2100 block of Ramsey Way, they found the bodies of the 28-year-old alleged shooter, his 25-year-old girlfriend, as well as his girlfriend’s 52-year-old mother and 17-year-old brother.

They have not been officially identified, but friends and relatives identified the 52-year-old woman as Manuela “Nelli” Padilla and her 17-year-old son as Juan “Johnny” Padilla. The shooter’s girlfriend was Mariana Padilla, her sister April Mejia said. Mejia said the shooter’s name was Raul, but she was unsure of his last name.

…Mejia also said she didn’t know much about her sister’s boyfriend, but said he was in love with her sister. Her sister did mention once that she wanted to leave him.

“I wouldn’t think he would do anything like this,” she said.

Four dead in alleged murder-suicide in Pomona. The [San Bernardino County] Sun, 5/9/2014.



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