World Gone Bad: 15-Year Old Kills, Decapitates, Cuts Left Hand off Schoolmate: UPDATE

Police who went to the 15-year-old high school girl’s apartment in Sasebo, 900 miles south west of Tokyo, found the bedroom soaked in blood, with the decapitated body of her friend lying on the bed.

The 15-year-old suspect was being interviewed today to establish the reason for the alleged murder.

Police named the victim as Aiwa Matsuko, also 15, who died when she visited the accused schoolgirl’s apartment in Sasebo, in Nagasaki Prefecture, 900 miles south west of Tokyo.

Police alleged that the suspect struck Matsuo on the back of the head more than 10 times with a blunt instrument and while she was unconscious strangled her.

Then as a final act, it is alleged, the suspect, who has not been named because she is a minor, cut off Matsuo’s head and her left hand with a large knife.

…Police found Matsuko’s body lying on the suspect’s blood-soaked bed. The knife and an unspecified ‘blunt instrument’ were lying nearby.

Schoolgirl, 15 ‘beat female classmate to death then confessed to chopping off her head and hand’ in Japan. Daily Mail, 7/28/2014.

UPDATE: Japanese schoolgirl ‘confesses’ to killing classmate. BBC News, 7/29/2014.

Police sources told local media the 16-year-old suspect had returned to her home, where she had been living alone since April, with the victim on Saturday night.

The suspect, who cannot be named as she is a minor, had then struck the back of Matsuo’s head with a tool and strangled her with a rope in her home.

Matsuo’s body was found with her head and left hand severed. Her belly was cut open.

Police sources said they found a hammer and saw at the suspect’s home.

…She also appeared to have posted a number of messages, which include photographs of a bloody hand, on an internet bulletin board.

Police are now investigating these messages which began to emerge around two hours after Matsuo was thought to have died.

The suspect’s mother had died of cancer last year and her father had recently remarried, local media said. According to acquaintances, she was preparing to study abroad.



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