Police Chief’s Daughter Gunned Down in Parking Lot

Tarkesha Carter, 25, of 58 Swartz Drive Lot 55, was arrested by Columbus Police Department Sunday morning after she allegedly shot and killed Brittney Foster, 23 in the Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot. The newly opened restaurant is located in Jackson Square.

The incident occurred around 1 a.m. Sunday, according to captain Brent Swan with CPD. Foster and Carter knew each other, according to witnesses on scene.

Foster was shot multiple times, according to Lowndes County Coroner Greg Merchant. She was also shot at least once in the head, according to scanner traffic.

After Carter shot Foster, she entered the front door of Buffalo Wild Wings and asked the manager the location of another female employee, Swan said. Carter then chased the other female through the restaurant and exited the back door where she then fired at least three shots. The second female was not injured. Carter then walked around the back of the restaurant to the front parking lot where she was apprehended by police.

…Foster was an employee of Buffalo Wild Wings and Weyerhaeuser, and her father is the police chief in Union Springs, Alabama, Merchant said.

Woman dies after parking lot shooting in Columbus. The Dispatch, 8/17/2014.

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