UPDATE: Man Shoots Woman, Kills Self at Chicago Nordstrom’s

Now it’s murder-suicide.

Nordstrom shooting victim dies day after her birthday. Chicago Tribune, 11/30/2014.

[Nadia] Ezaldein’s family said she and her relatives had been tormented by the gunman, the victim’s ex-boyfriend, who sought her out Friday night before shooting her in the head and neck area about 8:30 p.m.

Ezaldein [22] began dating [Marcus] Dee [31] in August 2012 after meeting him through her older sister’s roommate, they said. Dee physically abused and beat the woman throughout the relationship, and in December 2013, threatened her by inserting a handgun into her mouth, the victim’s family said. The incident resulted in a hospital visit and the victim ending the relationship.

In the year since, Dee had harassed both the woman and her family members by making threatening calls to her father and siblings, family members said. The victim changed her number three times as a result, they said.

Ezaldein also tried to request an order of protection but backed out of the request when Dee threatened to kill himself if she went through with it, family members said. Relatives said the woman was also hesitant to report abuse or harassment because Dee’s parents were police officers.

“She thought his parents could cover it up,” a sister said.

Law enforcement sources said Dee’s parents are both Chicago police officers.

Earlier post:

The 31-year-old man was targeting his “girlfriend or ex-girlfriend,” who was a seasonal employee at the department store, said John Escalante, chief of detectives for the Chicago Police Department.

“She was working up on the second floor when he approached her, fired one shot, which struck her,” Escalante said on the scene. “He then turned the gun to himself and shot and killed himself.”

According to a police report, the shooter, identified as Marcus Dee, approached the woman at the store and they spoke with each other. He took out a gun, and as the woman walked away from him, he shot her in the head/neck area before shooting himself in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene at approximately 10:23 p.m., the report said.

Gunman shoots woman, kills self at Nordstrom. Chicago Tribune, 11/29/2014.

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