Child Used as Human Shield in Parent Fight

[Maurice] Sparkman [44]  ran upstairs and grabbed the couple’s [5-year-old] daughter, believing that she might bring a stop to his girlfriend’s knife play. He held the girl between himself and [Kenisha] Caples [25].

But an undeterred Caples allegedly grabbed a larger knife and began swinging it at them both “with no regard for the safety or welfare of the child,” the arrest report said.

Sparkman was cut on his hands and arm. The little girl had cuts to her back and both ankles. She was treated at an unidentified hospital. In addition to the staples, the girl needed seven stitches to close the cut on her left ankle and another four stitches to close the cut on her right ankle, the arrest report said.

Cops say parents used Kenner 5-year-old as human shield during fight, girl needed staples to close wounds. (New Orleans) Times-Picayune/, 8/20/12.

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