Dead Woman Found in Garbage Can, Son Confesses

Darwin Jackson, 16, who uses the handle ScarfaceKiller on MySpace, was hauled off by cops shortly after he identified his mother’s body and spat on the ground. “He said, ‘Oh my God, that’s my mom,’ and he spit and walked away,” neighbor Sonia Carrion said. “He actually spit.”

Jackson told investigators he shot his mother, Tihesha Savage, 34, amid an argument, police sources said. He was charged Wednesday night with second-degree murder and weapons possession.

A building super spotted the tan rectangular bin near some bushes on Macombs Road about 9:10 a.m. Wednesday. When the super took off the lid, he found a horror. Inside was Savage’s crumpled body, with what appeared to be a gunshot wound on her head.

Savage was swaddled in a fleece Scooby-Doo blanket, and more soiled blankets were found in a nearby courtyard, witnesses said….

Son charged in Bronx mom’s murder after she’s found in plastic storage container on street. NY Daily News, 9/27/12.

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