Four Midwestern Whites Strangle, Try to Dismember Two Young Black Men

Alisa Massaro, 18; Bethany McKee, 18; Adam Landerman, 19 and Joshua Miner, 24, all of Joliet, Ill., have been arrested in the robbery and strangulation deaths of two 22-year-old males, Eric Glover and Terrence Rankins, Patch reports. Landerman is the son of a Joliet police sergeant.

According to police, the four youths intended to rob Glover and Rankins when they lured him to a home in the 1100 block of North Hickory Street in Joliet, strangled them to death and proceeded to “party” and play video games together on Thursday. According to Patch, there is evidence that the four suspects intended to dismember their victims.

Joliet Strangulation Murders: 4 Young Adults Arrested In Horrific Double Murder. HuffPo Crime, 1/13/2013.

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