Man Kills Officer Called to Check on Trailer Fire; Burned Body Found Inside

The Chitimacha policeman and deputies responded to reports of a fire at a mobile home and a man armed with a shotgun walking along Flat Town Road just off the Chitimacha reservation, near Cypress Bayou Casino, [State Police Trooper Stephen] Hammons said.

The Chitimacha policeman found [Wilbert] Thibodeaux walking in the 10000 block of Flat Town Road, Hammons said.

Thibodeaux fired at the Chitimacha officer, who died on the scene, then fired multiple shots at the deputies who had just arrived, wounding them, Hammons said.

…Hammons said the body of Eddie Lyons, 78, of Charenton, the occupant of the mobile home, was found in the burnt wreckage of the mobile home. Detectives believe Lyons was shot before the fire started, he said.

3 law enforcement officers shot, 1 killed. The Advocate, 1/27/2013.

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