Man Kills Ex-Daughter-in-Law, Stranger at Courthouse

Police said the gunman entered the lobby of the courthouse about 8 a.m. and started shooting, and Capitol Police returned fire. Two injured Capitol Police officers were shot in the chest, but saved by bulletproof vests.

Law enforcement and legal sources identified the gunman as Thomas Matusiewicz, the 68-year-old father of Daid T. Matusiewicz, a former optometrist who spent time in federal prison for kidnapping his three daughters and bank fraud in 2007.

David Matusiewicz, 45, was involved in a bitter custody fight with his ex-wife, Christine Belford, identified by law enforcement and legal sources as one of the women killed in the shooting. The other woman killed has not been identified.

It was unknown whether police killed the shooter when returning fire or if he took his own life. Police said at least one of the victims was targeted by the shooter.

Three dead, two wounded at courthouse., 2/11/2013.

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