Teen Dragged and Killed for iPad

According to investigators, Marcos Arenas, 15, was walking down a street with the iPad on Thursday when a passenger got out of a vehicle and tried to steal the device from him.

[Jacob] Dismont [18] is accused of trying to wrest the tablet away and dragging Arenas toward the SUV when the youth wouldn’t let go of the device. After Dismont re-entered the vehicle and [Michael] Solid [21] sped away, the teen was dragged until he fell, police said. The vehicle ran over Arenas and he died at a hospital….

Ivan Arenas said he bought the iPad for his son less than two months ago. The family has never had a lot, the father said, and his son valued everything he had….

Similar thefts of iPads, IPhones and other Apple devices have become so widespread nationwide that the crime has earned the nickname, “Apple picking,” Cassell said….

Police urge victims of such crimes to always let go of the devices.

Two men arrested in killing over iPad in Las Vegas. NBCNews.com, 5/19/2013.

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