Tourist Trying to Kill Another Tourist Shoots Own Girlfriend in the Foot

Police said [Kevin] Cahill, 29, tried to kill a 49-year-old Florida man around 9 a.m. in a hotel room at the Wyndham Garden Plaza Hotel at 201 Baronne Street. Witnesses said the man appeared to be shot in the chest and stomach. Police recovered drugs and a handgun at the scene.

After the shooting, police said, Cahill and his wounded girlfriend Sara Mott, 27, tried to flee the hotel but were quickly apprehended….

The Florida man, who is 49 years old, remained in critical condition Tuesday afternoon, according to police.

A woman in town from Charleston, SC, was staying in the room next door to where the shooting took place. She said she was in the restroom when she heard three shots ring out.

“I wasn’t sure it was gunshots until I heard a man say, ‘Someone help! I’ve been shot,'” said Jacqueline Rivers, 59.

Rivers, who then called 911 from her hotel room, said she also heard a woman crying.

… Rivers said she had met the shooting victim in the hotel lobby on Monday night. He seemed “friendly,” she said, noting he joked about drinking and having fun in New Orleans.

Tourist accidentally shoots girlfriend while trying to kill another tourist in CBD hotel room, NOPD says.|THe Times Picayune, 6/25/2013.

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