Does This Headline Give a Killer a Pass?

Man Accused of Killing Boyfriend of Estranged Wife in Jealous Rage. NBC Philadelphia, 7/8/2013.

Police say Stefan Curry-Burkett broke into the apartment of his estranged wife on Blackwood-Clementon Road in Pine Hill on Monday around 4:50 a.m. Curry-Burkett allegedly climbed onto a balcony and entered through a sliding glass door.

Once inside, police say Curry-Burkett attacked 26-year-old Michael Cogan and stabbed him to death. Police say Cogan was in a relationship with Curry-Burkett’s estranged wife and was specifically targeted.

“Jealous Rage”? Where’s the lost-it-ness in this story? He broke in and deliberately targeted the man to kill him, not because he was fucking heartbroken. He was an asshole, not forlorn.

I think I need to be disgusted.

2 Responses to Does This Headline Give a Killer a Pass?

  • serious says:

    Mike didnt deserve to die. He was brutally murdered by an evil person in his sleep. What a coward to do that. He deserves to rot in a jail cell until he dies then rot in hell after

  • Shannon says:

    Mike was one of my bestfriends and the asshole that killed him will rot in prison for the rest of his life! This was the second time this man attacked Mike if the police would have done something the first time Mike might still be here!

    Shannon, I cannot and will not let you blame the woman involved on my blog. I understand you lost a friend, and violent crime is traumatic to all involved and who witness or know the victim—Talk to someone about your own trauma, instead of blaming someone who, like it or not, is also now a victim.

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