“It’s kind of weird that you shoot a woman”: Man Plants Knife on Woman He Shoots Dead in His Home

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, this all started at 1 a.m. as an argument between Ivey and his roommate at the residence. Donna Schumaker was helping the roommate pick up some personal items.

“A girl picked her up and took her down there to help someone move, and it all broke out,” Billy Schumaker [the victim’s brother] said.

Detectives said Ivey originally claimed Donna Shumaker, who was his roommate’s friend, attacked him with a knife.

“My sister did carry a knife, it must be a leather strap,” Billy Schumaker said. “She works hard, she’s a working woman. She works on boats and stuff like that.”

However, after several hours of interrogation, detectives said that Ivey admitted that he shot the victim and threw the knife next to her to make it look like self-defense.

“It’s kind of weird that you shoot a woman,” Billy Schumaker said. During the argument, Ivey pointed a shotgun at the victim and shot her once, detectives said.

Deputies say man admits to planting knife on victim in fatal shooting. KHOU.com, 7/27/2013.

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