Drunk, Truck on Fire, Tree Branches: Man Gone Bad in Burlington Cty.

When police first spotted Michael T. Newmon, 36, he was hanging partially out of the cab window because of a shattered windshield, as he drove east on Brown Avenue toward Route 37 around 3 a.m. Saturday, Lakehurst Police Sgt. Ronald Heinzman said.

The blue box truck Newmon was driving belonged to a local plumbing company and had tree branches caught in it, Heinzman said. The fire and smoke was coming out from below the truck, he said.

…Because the truck was being driven on its rims, James was able to follow the marks left in the road and trace Newmon’s journey about 15 miles to the Route 70/Route 72 circle in Burlington County, Heinzman said. James found the truck had driven across the circle, struck a tree and drove through bushes before continuing east on Route 70, he said.

Manchester man drove burning, tireless truck while intoxicated, police say. app.com, 8/3/2013.

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