Caught on Video & At-Large: Man Beats, Kidnaps Woman, 6-Year-Old Boy Left Behind in Hotel: Update

Someone, help catch this sick motherfucker. The sickening video is here. I hope, but do not believe, the kidnap victim is still alive. Why didn’t anyone try to intervene or stop it? Is this still a country where people think a man beating the shit out of a women is “personal business”?

The violent confrontation unfolded inside the lobby of the Holiday Inn Hotel on Loyola Avenue, where at least two security cameras are focused on guests.

Surveillance video shows a woman speaking to what appears to be a hotel employee when just before 5 a.m. A man wearing a red shirt walks in, pulls the woman aside and starts to get violent. The unidentified woman is then pulled out of the hotel lobby and brutally beaten several times.

Another woman runs up to the couple and seems to be pleading with the man to stop. He pulls the half-conscious woman towards a nearby red car, but is stopped by that second woman. He finally manages to pull his victim into a silver or light colored BMW-type car and then drives away.

“If people really understood the whole scenario and really understood the dynamics of domestic violence and the power and control of relationships that go on. I think they’d have more sympathy and understanding of what these women are going through,” said Landry.

The domestic violence expert hopes the brutal attack and kidnapping will help police track down the trio captured in the disturbing footage.

“There’s got to be people in the community that know these people. Family members or friends will call. Because obviously this woman needs help,” said Landry.

The NOPD says a six-year-old boy was discovered inside a hotel room booked by someone in that group. The child is now in protective custody.

Hotel beating, kidnapping caught on camera; police search for trio., 8/16/2013.

Email report from NOPD:

NOPD’s Eighth District Detectives has issued a warrant for 35-year-old Elvin Terrell, who’s wanted for yesterday’s early morning violent domestic attack and Kidnapping. The incident occurred around 4:50 A.M., inside of a hotel lobby in the 300 block of Loyola Ave.

Detectives learned that an argument and physical altercation took place with a male and female inside of the lobby. Detectives viewed the surveillance footage and observed a male arguing with a female, afterwards a physical altercation ensued. After the attack, Terrell put the female in a vehicle and fled. Another woman shown in the video and appears to be with the couple.

Through further investigation, detectives found a 6-year-old boy inside of the room that was rented by one of the individuals involved in the incident. Detectives have made contact with a female claiming to be the mother however, detectives can’t confirm if she is the parent. The unidentified woman claiming to be the child’s mother has not cooperated with the NOPD at this time.

The child was not injured and is in good health and is in protective custody and this time.

…Once apprehended Elvin Terrell will be charged with Domestic Battery, One count of Simple Kidnapping and Cruelty to a Juvenile.


Elvin Terrell


UPDATE: Suspect arrested in videotaped beating, kidnapping., 8/18/2013.

A spokesman said that 35-year-old Elvin Terrell walked into Orleans Parish Prison around 5:30 p.m.

Terrell was charged with one count of domestic second-degree battery, one count of domestic kidnapping, child desertion, child endangering and cruelty to a juvenile.

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