“Showtime” Sexually Assaults Man, Wife and Mother-in-Law for Debt Not Owed

The victim said “‘Showtime’ inserted the barrel of a firearm (handgun) into his rectum as he knelt on the floor,” court documents say. He then “removed the barrel from the rectum area and inserted it into the mouth of [the victim’s] wife.”

He was joking and laughing as he did all this, the victim says.

Oliver then pointed his gun at the head of the couple’s infant daughter. He ordered the victim “to insert his penis into the mouth of his mother-in-law. [The victim said] he hesitated and initially refused, but was again ordered to do so and feared ‘Showtime’ would shoot his daughter.”

Phillip Oliver, a.k.a. “Showtime”: Sticks Gun in Man’s Rear, Forces Woman to Blow Her Son-in-Law, blogs.houstonpress.com, 4/6/12.

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