Bronx Woman Kills Abusive with One Knife Stab

Patricia Nimmons, 55, stabbed her partner in what police are saying was a domestic violence incident, but she claimed it was self-defense.

At about 9 pm Friday police received a 911 call to attend the incident at the couple’s home at 963 Prospect Avenue. There, they found the victim lying inside the property unconcious and unresponsive, with a single knife wound to the lower left abdomen. [emphasis added]

…Upon arrest, Nimmons told police that her husband had come home from work shortly before, and that they had gotten into a dispute which had turned heated. She said that the victim had picked up a stick and started to beat her with it, and she had stabbed her husband in self-defense. The police reported that Nimmons had no apparent injuries at the time of the incident, or her arrest. The killing is being treated as homicide.

Bronx Woman Kills Husband, Claims Self-Defense, Cops Say. DNAinfo New York, 8/17/2013.

A single stab wound sounds like she was trying to get him off or away from her, not cold-bloodedly kill an innocent man. I hope the cops are smart enough to sort it out properly.

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