While Mom Was Asleep, 6-Year Old Shoots 8-Year-Old Brother in the Head

According to the search warrant affidavit, the 6-year-old told both his mother and responding troopers that he had shot his brother at the home in the first block Broad Street in Southampton Township.

The mother told investigators that a loaded revolver and a loaded rifle were kept next to the bed in the master bedroom where she was sleeping, and that the boys had slept on a couch when they spent weekends at the home, the document states.

Police said in the documents that the home was unfit for children because of piles of trash and clutter, abandoned vehicles, open food containers, piles of dirt, and the loaded rifle that was easily accessible to anyone who entered the master bedroom, the document states.

The affidavit also states that the mother appeared to be lethargic as she spoke to investigators, but said she would be willing to consent to blood testing.

The 8-year-old victim was flown to Penn State Hershey Medical Center and was said to be in very critical condition.

His brother was in the custody of Cumberland County Children and Youth Services.

Court papers: Boy, 8, shot at home that was unfit for children. 9/3/2013, WHTM.

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