Scumbag Claims 6-Year Old “seduced” Him Before He Killed Her

Booked with one of Jefferson Parish’s most heinous child slayings, Matthew Flugence allegedly confessed to a detective that 6-year-old Ahlittia North seduced him behind a row of Harvey apartment buildings, spreading out a blanket on the ground and enticing him into having intercourse.

“In his words, the little girl, she wanted to have sex with him,” Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Detective Travis Eserman testified Wednesday during a preliminary examination.

The detective said Flugence told him he had sex with the girl on July 14, the day she was killed. “That’s when he snapped,” Eserman testified. Flugence stabbed her four times and watched her fall to the blanket writhing in pain, Eserman testified.

“He said he just watched her die,” Eserman testified, adding that Flugence carried on with his day. “He goes to a family birthday party,” the detective testified.

Two days later, following a wide search of Harvey’s Woodmere subdivision, deputies found her body. She had been wrapped in a blanket and put inside a garbage bag, then dumped in a residential trash bin that was rolled out to the curb on Destrehan Avenue near where she lived.

The autopsy revealed that North had been stabbed twice in the lower abdomen and twice in the neck, Eserman testified.

…Ahlittia also had family ties to Flugence: His uncle was her stepfather, authorities have said.

Matthew Flugence claimed 6-year-old Ahlittia North seduced him before he killed her.|The Times Picayune, 9/18/2013.

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