“demons are coming after you”: Former Exchange Student Assaults Woman Who Hosted Him

Shouting at Montfort that “demons are coming after you,” Franchi repeatedly choked and assaulted the woman during an attack that lasted for nearly 10 hours, city police said.

… Montfort said Franchi began displaying odd behavior and that 10 days ago an argument resulted in Franchi slapping her in the face, grabbing her wrist and destroying a glass coffee table.

Things got worse Friday night after Montfort chastised Franchi for leaving a wet towel on a wooden chair. They argued for an hour. Franchi then woke Montfort around 2 a.m., grabbing her left wrist and repeating warnings about “demons.”

Franchi pinned the woman on the bed and said he’d have to kill her to get rid of the demons, according to the arrest report. Franchi began choking Montfort to the point the woman nearly passed out.

Franchi released his grip only to begin choking Montfort with a cord. He then tried to smother Montfort with a pillow, the woman told police.

Montfort said Franchi made her “kneel” and “bow” in submission. Franchi also punched Montfort, destroyed her cellphone and struck her in the head with a vanity mirror.

Eventually, Montfort managed to break away and barricaded herself in a bathroom. Montfort cried for help but Franchi blasted loud music from a stereo to drown out her screams.

Boynton Beach police: One-time exchange student beat, terrorized former host. The Palm Beach Post, 9/23/2013.

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