Former Police Officer Gone Bad: Fires 20+ Shots into Federal Building

Witnesses said Piccard positioned himself in a parking lot across the street from the Federal Building and opened fire.

A Wheeling police officer and a court security officer shot and killed Piccard, the chief said. The Wheeling officer has been placed on administrative leave pending a review of the shooting.

…The Federal Building may not have been Piccard’s only target, as an eyewitness to the shooting said he also may have been targeting the nearby Wheeling YWCA.

Wheeling resident Carla Webb Daniels said she witnessed Piccard fire from the Chase Bank parking lot across Chapline Street from the Federal Building. Daniels said she was in her attorney’s office when she heard loud gun shots. When she looked out she saw a white male standing between a silver or gold SUV and a white vehicle in the parking lot pull out a gun and start shooting at the federal building. She then saw the shooter put down the assault rifle and reload before shooting at the YWCA building.

Updated: Former Wheeling Officer ID’d as Federal Building Shooter. The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register, 10/9/2013.

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