Kidnapped Woman Rescued by Family, Abductor Dead

After the estranged boyfriend of Bethany Arceneaux kidnapped her on Wednesday, the victim’s family chose not to rely on local police to find her.

…they discovered her ex-boyfriend, Scott Thomas, torturing Bethany in an abandoned home in Duson, Louisiana on Friday. Arceneaux’s family then shot Thomas dead to prevent her from being killed as he stabbed her, family members told KLFY television.

Thomas, also 29, allegedly abducted Bethany near a day care center, leaving their 2-year-old child abandoned inside Bethany’s vehicle.

About a dozen family members participated in the search and rescue, searching the area she had been last seen with four-wheelers and ATVs. Family members captured much of the search on video. Images of the 29-year-old being cradled by her uncle Marcus Arceneaux as he placed her in a car have begun circulating.

Family rescues kidnap victim, kills abductor. The Raw Story, 11/9/2013.

Local coverage including TV report: Kidnapping victim found alive, suspect dead., 11/8/2013.

Lafayette, LA – On November 6, 2013, at approximately 5:20 pm, Lafayette Police responded to a kidnapping incident in the 500 block of Madeline Avenue.

According to witnesses, the suspect, 29 year old Scott Thomas of Leonville, arrived at a daycare on Madeline Avenue and confronted his child’s mother, a 29 year old female. Thomas allegedly forced the victim into his vehicle and fled the scene. The victim’s 2 year old child was left inside of the victim’s vehicle at the daycare.

At approximately 7:30 pm, the suspect’s vehicle, a white older model Buick LeSabre, was located unoccupied on Anderson Road in Lafayette Parish. Lafayette Police have issued an arrest warrant for Scott W. Thomas for Kidnapping.

… This situation is still unfolding but we are getting good news from Bethany Arceneaux’s family. They tell KLFY she was hurt, stabbed and cut, but is expected to recover. They want to let Acadiana know she’s been found and thank the community for the help

…Details are emerging from how the kidnapping of Bethany Arceneaux ended. According to police, family searched an abandoned property and saw her inside. They got inside and Thomas attacked her. The family member then defended Bethany, shooting Thomas. Then left the scene with Bethany. Thomas has been pronounced dead.

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