2 Killed, 22 Shot at Birthday Party in Cypress, TX

Police are looking for two suspects in connection with the shooting late Saturday in Cypress, a suburb of Houston, Christina Garza at the Harris County Sheriff’s Department told CNN.

…One person died in the house and the other died in the hospital, Garza said.

Those hurt were rushed to the hospital, though it’s still unclear how many of those have gunshot wounds and how many were injured in the stampede to flee the shooting.

“As you can imagine, this was chaos in a residential neighborhood. This was a private home where they were hosting a house party,” Garza said.

There were at least 22 people rushed to five area hospitals, though some had minor injuries, the Houston Chronicle reported, citing the sheriff’s office.

More than 100 people were at the house celebrating a birthday, the Chronicle said.

Two dead, 22 injured in Texas birthday party shooting: reports. The Raw Story, 11/10/2013.

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