“I’m glad I did it”: Man Tries to Kill Wife and Father-in-law by Setting Trailer on Fire

Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 32-year-old Rainier-area man Saturday night after he allegedly poured gasoline on a mobile home in the 100 block of Raintree Loop while his wife and her father were inside and then set it aflame.

Joshua Ford was arrested around 11:30 p.m. while walking on 133rd Avenue in Rainier. Deputies arrested him on suspicion of first-degree arson, Thurston County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Brady said.

…Ford had kicked the door to the mobile home shut, and he knew that it was broken so that it was locked from the outside, Brady said. Ford then poured a can of gasoline over the mobile home and set it on fire, Brady added.

…Deputies had visited the residence earlier Saturday evening because of a domestic dispute, Brady said.

When deputies arrested Ford, he said “I’m glad I did it,” court papers state. During Monday’s court hearing, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jack Jones said Ford “is clearly dangerous.” He also pointed out that Ford has numerous prior convictions for disobeying court orders. Jones said that police reports indicate Ford was intoxicated when he was placed under arrest.

Rainier-area man allegedly sets mobile home on fire with wife inside. The Olympian, 12/2/2013.

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