LA Police Looking for Man Who Shot Another in the Ass

The victim told [St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office] deputies he was outside a friend’s house on Chestnut Street in Lacombe when three men walked up. He told deputies he knows two of the men.

The victim said because of an ongoing feud, he became engaged in a physical altercation with one of the men, who he identified as Oliver “Olly” Cousin, the sheriff’s office said. Once the two were separated, the victim said Cousin pulled out a pistol and shot him as he attempted to flee, according to the sheriff’s office.

A passing motorist picked up the victim and drove him to the hospital, according to the sheriff’s office.

St. Tammany detectives looking for man accused of shooting another man in buttocks.|The Times-Picayune, 12/4/2013.

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