Teen Leaves Aunt Christmas “Present”: Her Dismembered Boyfriend

On Christmas Eve, Valdez was home drinking while his aunt was at a party and Diaz-Hernandez was visiting family members. Diaz-Hernandez came home to find there was no beer left in the house and headed out with Valdez to a nearby drugstore to pick some up, Sawyers said.

Valdez hid a hammer by the apartment’s door before leaving, Sawyers said. The store turned out to be closed. When the two men returned home, Valdez let Diaz-Hernandez enter first, then picked up the hammer and struck him in the back of the head, Sawyers said.

Diaz-Hernandez fell to the floor, and Valdez struck him up to 10 more times, Sawyers said. Valdez then covered the windows, played loud music and began cutting apart the man’s body, the prosecutor said.

He used a butcher knife to cut off Diaz-Hernandez’s ears, nose and mouth, and also cut off the man’s head and his left arm, Sawyers said.

Valdez then put the head, ears and nose on his aunt’s bed “as he, quote, ‘Wanted to leave his aunt a present,'” Sawyers said.

According to an arrest report, police who responded to the home after Valdez called 911 on Christmas Day found him sitting in the front yard with an iPad in his hands.

When one officer asked, “What’s going on?” Valdez replied, “Shouldn’t you arrest me before you ask me questions?”

The officer then asked why he should arrest Valdez. “Because I just killed a man, and he’s in the basement,” Valdez said, before slamming the iPad to the ground, cracking its screen.

Valdez allegedly told police he would have killed his aunt, too, if she had come home and seen the body.

Officials: Defendant offered dismemberment as a ‘present’. Chicago Tribune, 12/28/2013.

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