Man Disemboweled at Group Home

Assistant District Attorney JoBeth Murphree said a judge ordered [Razellius] Mills to stay at a group home in Mobile, Ala., where he cut 32-year-old Derrick Woods across his midsection on Wednesday evening and pulled out his intestines and cut them off, the newspaper reported.

Alabama man accused of fatally stabbing man and ripping out his insides, report says. Crimesider, 12/7/12.

3 Killed, 1 Injured in Strip Club Because Man Thought Woman Should’ve Danced Better

[Houston County Sheriff Andy] Hughes said that a dispute erupted in the club after [Ryan Clark] Petersen complained about a dancer’s performance and began touching her. A club employee asked Petersen to leave and escorted him outside. Petersen then allegedly went to his car and retrieved a handgun and reentered the night club and opened fire.

The victims of the shooting included one of the club’s female dancers, a male employee and a male patron.

Cops: Unhappy patron kills three at Alabama strip club,, 8/10/2012.

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