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Student In Wheelchair Beaten By School Security Guard In Oakland, Police Say (VIDEO). HuffPo Crime, 5/30/2014.

A special needs student in a wheelchair was allegedly beaten by a school security guard in California — and much of the incident was caught on video.

 Video shows brutal beating of Oakland High student in wheelchair., 5/29/2014.

How is something on video “alleged”? Any person with sight can see that a beating took place against a defenseless/disabled teenager, not adult. Is it “alleged” because there’s no full-lit frontal view with closeups and instant replays of what got hit where at such-and-such time on the clock? Are we so fucking dumb that we cannot infer, strongly, from that video that the adult, the officer was in the wrong? Do we have to see each blow to hold him accountable for what he did against a disabled¬†handcuffed kid in a fucking wheelchair?

KTVU obtained surveillance video from the Oakland Unified School District which they say shows the officer beating the 17-year-old special needs student at Oakland High School about 9 a.m. on Monday May 19th.

…The video shows a guard in a white shirt pushing the wheelchair with [Francisco] Martinez [17] down the hallway away from the camera. Along the way, the guard raises his right hand and smacks the student. Seconds later, he hits him again and Martinez is thrown out of his wheelchair onto the floor.

Martinez told KTVU what was not caught on the surveillance video clip was the guard beating him and throwing him to the ground in the elevator just minutes before

“Throws me to the corner of the elevator and then grabs my chair,” said Martinez.

Martinez says the incident began when the officer tried to clear the hall and grabbed Martinez’s wheelchair to push him to class. The student says he protested and told the officer to let go of the chair. He says after an argument, the guard handcuffed him. He admits spitting at the guard in protest just before the beating on the tape.

“I was handcuffed, so I didn’t have no way to defend myself but my mouth,” Martinez said.

Martinez, who has cerebral palsy, says he had been going to therapy to strengthen his legs so he could try to walk. He says when he told the guard he was in pain, the guard cursed at him.

“He tells me like that, ‘I don’t give a ***! I hope you don’t walk for two to three weeks,'” Martinez said.


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