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Second arrest made in MARTA beating of trans women. GA Voice, 5/30/2014.

MARTA officials announced late Friday its police department had arrested and charged a second person in the attack of two trans women on May 20.

Luther L. Thomas was arrested Thursday. Frederick L. Missick, 35, was arrested today. Both are Atlanta residents and both have been charged with disorderly conduct and being held on $2,500 bond.

…The May 20 incident occurred about 11 p.m. on a southbound train headed to the Oakland City Station. The attack was recorded by several people on the train on their cellphones and someone uploaded their video to a website where it went viral on the internet.

Janell Crosby, one of the victims, told GA Voice she and her friends were being harassed while waiting for the train and then the situation escalated into a violent attack and fight on the train.

…Crosby told the GA Voice she tried to report the attack to a MARTA officer the night of the attack. MARTA officials deny ignoring anyone seeking to make a report.

Crosby and Tyra Woods, who [was] stripped naked during the attack, have left Atlanta in the days after the incident.

In the video, it is clear words are being exchanged and Crosby repeatedly tells Thomas to “Stop it.” Thomas then apparently becomes angered with something Crosby says to him and he begins kicking and punching her. Tyra Woods jumps in to try to help and that’s when Missick punches Woods in the face. The women fight back against their attackers for a little over two minutes before the beating stops. Nobody on the train tried to stop the fight or intervene in any way.


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