attempted child murder

Mother Tries to Drown Son in Pool: “You have to go. This is the end of the world.”

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies said they responded to the Monte Vista Apartments in the 2500 block of Olive Drive at 7:30 p.m. Thursday after receiving a call that a woman was attempting to hold her son’s head underwater in the community pool.

Bystanders jumped in to rescue the boy, said Deputy Guillermina SaldaƱa. They told TV reporters they heard the woman yelling at her son, “You have to go. This is the end of the world.”

Palmdale mom tried to drown 8-year-old son in pool, police say. LA Times, 5/25/2012.

Grandmother’s Spirit Tells Man to Sacrifice His Son

Joseph Ramirez, 30, took his family to Mount Hope Cemetery Saturday around 4:30 p.m. and told them his dead grandmother told him to sacrifice the 8-year-old boy, according to San Diego police.

Officers released a report stating Ramirez had brought candles to the cemetery. One of the candles broke, and he used a piece of the broken glass to slash open his son’s forearms.

Father Accused of Trying to Sacrifice His Son., 4/30/12.

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