attempted murder-suicide

Man Shoots Woman, Kills Self at Chicago Nordstrom’s

The 31-year-old man was targeting his “girlfriend or ex-girlfriend,” who was a seasonal employee at the department store, said John Escalante, chief of detectives for the Chicago Police Department.

“She was working up on the second floor when he approached her, fired one shot, which struck her,” Escalante said on the scene. “He then turned the gun to himself and shot and killed himself.”

According to a police report, the shooter, identified as Marcus Dee, approached the woman at the store and they spoke with each other. He took out a gun, and as the woman walked away from him, he shot her in the head/neck area before shooting himself in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene at approximately 10:23 p.m., the report said.

Gunman shoots woman, kills self at Nordstrom. Chicago Tribune, 11/29/2014.

Man Argues with Wife, Shoots SIL Then Himself—in Church

Etta Medley, 61, was shot in the abdomen by her brother-in-law, Tommy Meadows, 64, inside Double Springs Community Church near Cookeville, according to Putnam County Sheriff David Andrews. Meadows then shot himself in the church basement, Andrews confirmed this afternoon.

Andrews said he believes that Meadows’ wife, Wanda Meadows, was the intended target. Wanda Meadows is Etta Medley’s sister.

The 61-year-old Wanda Meadows was “injured in a physical altercation [with her husband], bruising and things like that,” Andrews said. “She’s fine. She just has some bruising.”

The shooting took place shortly before 9 a.m. at the church, before anyone had arrived for Sunday morning services.

Update: Man shoots sister-in-law at church, commits suicide. The Tennesseean, 2/2/2014.

Triple Murder-Attempted Murder-Suicide by Former Band Member

Police say it’s not clear why the man opened fire early Monday at the three-story building in Williamsburg.

Police say the shooter had been kicked out of the band, but they aren’t sure if that motivated the shooting.

The victims were found on the second and third floors. The shooter was discovered on the roof.

Police say the dead men are believed to be Iranian nationals living in the U.S.

Another bandmate was wounded on the arm and has been hospitalized in stable condition.

Williamsburg Shooting Leaves 4 Dead; NYPD Says Man Killed 3 Bandmates, Himself. HuffPo Crime, 11/11/2013.

Seven-Year-Old Girl Survives Attempted Murder-Suicide

Police say Ava Sangavaram suffered several stab wounds Thursday when her mother, podiatrist Victoria Vovchik, tuned on her at their upscale New City home.

They say Vovchik, 45, then stabbed herself to death.

Police aren’t saying whether a motive has been detected. They say no note was found.

Police say the victims were discovered by Ava’s father, Kristappa Sangavaram. He is a doctor from New Jersey. The school had alerted him that Ava was absent.

CBS New York reports that police say the father is not considered a suspect in the incident.

Police are not aware of any previous domestic or mental health issues, the station says. The incident remains under investigation.

N.Y. girl, 7, stable after being stabbed by mom in possible murder-suicide attempt, police say. Crimesider, 3/1/2013.

Attempted Murder-Suicide on Thanksgiving [Update]

Authorities say a man went to a holiday dinner at a home in Albertville and got into an argument with his estranged wife. The woman was reportedly pregnant.

Police say the man shot the woman repeatedly and then shot himself.

Alabama Thanksgiving Shooting: Holiday dinner ends in gunfire, two people injured, police say. Crimesider, 11/23/12.


Marshall County investigators said the man accused of shooting his pregnant wife Thursday died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

District attorney Steve Marshall said the woman was eight months pregnant and doctors at Huntsville Hospital delivered the baby by Caesarean section Friday.

Officials are optimistic she and her child will be okay. Albertville Police Chief Doug Pollard said the man shot his estranged wife and himself during an argument while at her home for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday night.

UPDATE: Accused Albertville Shooter Dead; Wounded Victim Delivers Baby by C-Section., 11/22/12.

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