bow and arrow used in murder

“You see that, that’s death”: Man Kills Mother with Gun, Knife, Bow and Arrow

When the deputy arrived, the neighbors said some people had argued next door, where the deputy found Gloria Watkins dead and Watkins wielding a large knife, according to the arrest report. Watkins put down the knife but officers had to use a stun gun after he resisted handcuffing, the report said.

Watkins pointed to his mother and said, “You see that, that’s death,” the arrest report stated. Watkins said he killed his mother because she was going to kill him first, that he shot her in the head three times, stabbed her with a knife and shot her with a bow and arrow, the report said.

Watkins also said he killed his mother because she stole his diamonds and gave his father cancer, according to the report.

Florida man killed mother using gun, bow and arrows: police. Reuters/The Raw Story, 11/30/2014.

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