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Father Beats the Shit out of Son’s Attacker, No Charges to Be Filed

What cop would arrest this father? What jury would convict this father? At the story link below, you can see this boy’s busted-up face.

A Florida police chief has caused a media stir by saying he is looking the other way after a father severely beat a man he caught sexually assaulting his 11-year-old son.

The father called Daytona Beach police on Friday to report he had interrupted his son being assaulted, and could be heard telling a dispatcher he left the attacker “nice and knocked out” and “in a puddle of blood” on the floor.

Raymond Frolander, 18, faces a felony sexual battery charge on a victim under 12-years-old, according to a police charging affidavit. The father had not been charged in the beating.

“We observed the defendant laying motionless on the living room floor with several knots on his face and bleeding from his mouth,” police wrote in the affidavit.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood, asked by a local CNN affiliate whether he had any issue with the father’s actions, said: “Not as a police chief and not as a father.”

Media photos show pictures of Frolander severely beaten, with bloodied lips, bruises around his swollen eyes, and scratches on his neck.

Florida police chief willing to look the other way over beating of alleged sexual abuser. Reuters/The Raw Story, 7/19/2014.

What!?: Teacher Arranges Sex with 15-Year-Old Student for her Teacher-Coach Husband

Husband and wife, both former Ridgeland school coaches, face child sex charges. MS News Now/WLBT + WDBD, 7/11/2014.

According to the police report, a mother reported her 15-year-old daughter was being contacted by the couple after school hours, and that it “went well beyond that of a teacher student relationship.”

She also told investigators, believes the inappropriate behavior may have begun when her daughter was a student at Old Towne Middle School.

The police search warrant allowed investigators to see texts between the couple and the student.

They report that some texts included naked pictures and sexually explicit language.

When police talked to the alleged victim, she admitted to a sexual incident that occurred at the couple’s home in Brandon, and one that occurred at Ridgeland High School.

The Assistant DA handling the case tells us that the incident at the school happened in the press box.

Language in the indictment suggests Blair Porter arranged the sexual encounters.

10-Year-Old Girl Helps 8-Year-Old Brother Rape a 10-Year Old

The child’s mother says she was waiting in the pickup line for her daughter after school when her 10-year-old daughter came running towards her crying and shaking.

The mother was mortified when the child told her what had happened.

“She came out with her knees and hands shaking and crying. I jumped out of the car and asked her what was wrong and she said ‘mama they touched me down there.’” said the little girl’s mother.

The 10-year-old told her mother that when she went to the restroom a sister and a brother duo attacked her.

“The little boy pulled his pants down, pulled her pants down.” said the mother.

She says a female classmate held her down while that little girl’s 8-year-old brother raped her.

Two students allegedly sexually assault 10-year-old at local elementary school. KFOR-TV, 5/16/2014.

Who in Las Vegas Married A 41-Year Old to a 16-Year Old?

A Houston-area actor and drama teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with his 16-year-old student and then marrying her in Las Vegas.

Spring Valley Police said the girl’s mother attended the wedding.

According to police, the girl’s mother didn’t complain about the relationship because she was worried it could affect her daughter’s future acting career

Police said 41-year-old Ilich Auyapah Guardiola has been bringing the girl back to his apartment to have sex.

Neighbors at the Glens Apartments on Pech Road told KHOU they often saw the two coming and going.

“We really didn’t know they were in a relationship. It looked more like a father daughter sort of thing,” said neighbor Teresa Edwards.

Investigators said Guardiola has two addresses less than a half mile apart. However, detectives believe he only brought the girl to the apartment on Pech Road.

Police said the two traveled to Las Vegas to get married just two weeks before his arrest.

Guardiola is in the Harris County Jail on $50,000 bond and has been charged with sexual assault of a child. [emphasis added]

Neighbors thought drama teacher’s teen wife was his daughter. KHOU, 5/9/2014.

18-Year Old with 5 Year History of Sexual Assaults Charged in AZ

Charges against Tyler Kost of San Tan Valley include multiple counts of sexual assault with a minor, sexual abuse with a minor and sexual conduct with a minor. He also faces one count of child molestation.

Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles said the victims in the crimes alleged in the indictment issued Wednesday ranged from 12 to 17 years old.

Voyles said the offenses occurred between October 2009 and April 2014.

Kost was born in January 1996 so he was 13 when the first offense allegedly occurred. But Voyles plans to try him as an adult on all charges.

“In Arizona, once an individual turns 18, we don’t have a choice,” Voyles said. “(State law) makes it fairly clear.”

Wait—would you not want to charge him as an adult for these very not-child-like crimes? Serial crimes? And harassment?

…Kost would face between 147 and nearly 334 years in prison if convicted of all the charges in the indictment, the prosecutor said.

Pinal County sheriff’s deputies arrested Kost last week, accusing him of being a serial sex predator who assaulted at least 18 students. Voyles said he could not comment on why the indictment accused Kost of crimes involving only 11 victims.

According to the indictment, none of the alleged sexual assaults occurred on a school campus. Kost is accused of sexually abusing the victims in his bedroom, in a parked car, a park and out in the desert.

…In addition to calling Kost a sexual predator, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu last week said Kost threatened and harassed victims to such an extent that two fled the state, and one attempted suicide.

“This is a serious and serial sex offender and rapist,” Babeu said.

The investigation was initiated after the Sheriff’s Office received a call March 25 from someone reporting that Kost had sexually abused and molested five teenage girls.

Kost lives in San Tan Valley, a bedroom community of about 87,000 named for its location in the foothills of the San Tan Mountains. The area, about 45 miles southeast of Phoenix, is known for its golf courses and hiking trails.

Arizona Man Tyler Kost Charged In Alleged Sexual Assaults. HuffPo Crime, 5/8/2014.

Man Gone Bad and Almost Worse: Arrested for Sex with 14-Year-Old Girl, Police Find Condoms, Duct Tape, Loaded Gun, Shovel in His Car

Antonio Seisdedos, 36, was arrested Thursday on charges of engaging in a sexual act with a person under 16, computer pornography and child exploitation and traveling for computer pornography and child exploitation, according to a Davie Police arrest report.

…According to the arrest report, the victim’s mother went to police after she found several text messages on the girl’s phone from Seisdedos. Seisdedos and the teen texted about having sex in the messages, which dated back to February, the report said.

When police spoke with the teen, she admitted to having oral sex with Seisdedos in his car, the report said. She told police she had been approached by Seisdedos outside a Publix, and he told her she was cute and asked if they could exchange phone numbers, the report said.

The girl said she told Seisdedos she was just 14, the report said. She also admitted to sending him naked photos of herself, the report said.

Using the teen’s phone, police contacted Seisdedos posing as the girl and arranged to meet with him. He didn’t show up for the first meeting but when he showed up to a second arranged meeting, he was taken into custody, the report said.

When police searched his car, they found condoms, the loaded handgun and a shovel and duct tape inside, the report said.

Seisdedos refused to speak with officers without his attorney, the report said.

Man Arrested for Sex With Girl, 14, Had Gun, Shovel and Duct Tape in Car: Davie Police., 4/12/2014.

Parents Gone Bad: 3 Girls Held Captive in Own Home for 2(+?) Years [Add’l Details]

Police responded to a home in the 2800 block of North Estrella Avenue, near North Stone Avenue and East Glenn Street, at about 4 a.m. Tuesday on reports of a domestic violence incident, said police Capt. Michael Gillooly.

When officers arrived they discovered two girls, ages 12 and 13, who said they were in a bedroom in the house when their stepfather kicked in the door and threatened them with a knife. The girls told officers they ran out of the house and went to a neighbor’s house. The neighbor called 911.

… All three sisters were dirty and malnourished, he said. They told police they were only fed once a day.

They told officers they hadn’t taken a bath in four to six months. The two younger sistes said they hadn’t seen the 17-year-old sibling in about two years.

He said the two younger sisters were kept separate from the older girl. They were kept in separate bedrooms, Gillooly said.

… Later Tuesday, police said the girl’s mother Sophia Richter, 32, and their stepfather, Fernando Richter, 34, were arrested and booked into the Pima County jail. The two are facing three charges each of kidnapping, child abuse with emotional abuse and child abuse with physical abuse.

Fernando Richter is also facing one count of sexual abuse of a child under 15.

…A resident who has lived in the neighborhood for about five years said she didn’t know anyone was living in the home, which is set back from the street.

Tucson police: Mother, stepfather arrested in child abuse case. Arizona Daily Star, 11/26/2013.

Additional details from Police say Arizona couple held three teen girls captive for two years in ‘house of horrors.’ The Raw Story, 11/28/2013:

They were forced to listen to intolerably loud music or white noise and were only allowed to go to the toilet if they had permission, which was not always granted. In order not to raise suspicion, their bedrooms and the whole house had been sound-proofed.

The girls escaped the house when the 12- and 13-year-old broke out of their bedroom window early on Tuesday morning and ran to a neighbour’s home.

…The girls, who Alice described as “distraught and hysterical”, said they had run away from home because their stepfather had kicked in their bedroom door and was trying to assault them with a knife.

Alice, who had no idea children had been living next door, took the girls in and called the police.

When police entered the house they discovered a third sister, who had not been aware of the officers’ arrival because of the loud music.

…Police are combing through 18 months of diary entries written by the eldest victim as they build up a criminal case against the couple.

“It did contain a lot of information that I feel will be useful in helping us to determine the method and length of the imprisonment,” Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villasenor told a news conference on Wednesday.

Tucson police chief: Evidence supports girls’ claims of imprisonment. Arizona Daily Star, 11/28/2013:

[Chief Roberto Villaseñor] said the music could not be heard from the outside because the rooms were soundproofed, including with towels stuff under the doors and the duct work was sealed.

… Villaseñor said the home where the girls lived was had alarms and numerous locks on doors and windows. The bedroom doors where the girls said they were imprisoned were also on alarms that sounded when they were opened.

… After they were evaluated, the three girls were cleaned up, fed and reunited Tuesday night. The chief said it was obvious from their reactions that the older sibling had not seen the younger siblings in some time.

He said the 17-year-old girl had a satchel in which officers found a journal. He said the teen had kept a detailed journal dating back about 1.5 years that police are now reviewing.

He said the girl also kept a picture of singer Enrique Iglesias in the satchel.

Villaseñor said the girl told officers the picture was “her most prized possession.” The photo was returned to the girl Tuesday night.

Mother who kept girls captive had lost, regained custody. Arizona Daily Star, 11/29/2013:

According to court documents, the couple had been dating since 2003 and wed in 2010. There is no indication they have children together.

Just days after her 15th birthday in 1996, Sophia Richter, then Sophia Pulido, gave birth to her eldest daughter. The baby’s father was a minor too.

In 2002, Sophia Richter wed the father of her two younger daughters. They filed for divorced less than a year later.

Richter was granted custody of her two younger daughters in May 2003, but by December 2003, the custody agreement was modified, giving the father sole custody, documents from Pima County Superior Court state.

…In 2006 Richter filed to regain custody over the objections of the paternal grandparents.

Judge Gone Bad: 14-Year-Old Rape Victim Was “as much in control” as 50-Something Rapist–UPDATE

Stacey Dean Rambold, 54, had at least three sexual encounters with student Cherice Morales in 2008. In 2010, the student committed suicide a few weeks before her 17th birthday, The Billings Gazette reported.

Yellowstone County Judge G. Todd Baugh sentenced Rambold to 15 years prison, with all but only 31 days suspended for sexual intercourse without consent. The judge then gave Rambold credit for one day served, bringing the offender’s total jail time to just 30 days.

Auliea Hanlon, mother to the victim, testified that her daughter’s relationship with Rambold was a large factor in the teen’s suicide. As the sentence was delivered, Hanlon began to scream “You people suck!” before leaving the courtroom.

The judge said victim Morales was “as much in control of the situation” as Rambold, according to

…Judge Baugh also said victim Morales was “older than her chronological age.”

The same year Rambold was hired as a business teacher for Senior High School in 2004, principal Scott Anderson met with Rambold to discuss allegations that he touched a girl’s thigh and waist. A court affidavit said Anderson told Rambold to “keep his hands off all students” and that anything further would result in a formal investigation, KTVQ reported.

Stacey Rambold, Former Teacher Who Raped Suicidal Student, Gets 30 Days Jail. HuffPo Crime, 8/27/2013.

UPDATE, 8/29/2013

Baugh said he stood by his decision Monday to sentence the former teacher, Stacey Rambold, to 15 years in prison, with all of but 31 days of that term suspended. He gave Rambold credit for one day already served.

Baugh, 71, wrote an apology Wednesday in a letter to the editor to The Billings Gazette. He said his comments were demeaning of all women and not reflective of his beliefs.

The judge later told reporters he was “fumbling around” in court trying to explain his sentence and “made some really stupid remarks.”

“I don’t know how to pass that off. I’m saying I’m sorry and it’s not who I am,” Baugh said. “I deserve to be chastised. I apologize for that.”

Protesters planned a Thursday afternoon rally outside the Yellowstone County Courthouse to demand that Baugh resign. Organizer Sheena Rice said it’s important for the community to show it is not going to stand for victim blaming.

“I’m glad he apologized, but he should have known better as a judge,” Rice said. “The fact that he said it makes me think he still believes it.”

…”She wasn’t even old enough to get a driver’s license. But Judge Baugh, who never met our daughter, justified the paltry sentence saying she was older than her chronological age,” the girl’s mother, Auleia Hanlon, said in a statement to the Gazette after Monday’s sentencing. “I guess somehow it makes a rape more acceptable if you blame the victim, even if she was only 14.”

Under state law, children younger than 16 cannot consent to sexual intercourse.

G. Todd Baugh, Montana Judge Apologizes For Comments About Teen Rape Victim. HuffPo Crime, 8/29/2013.

This disgusting bastard should lose his job. He favored some dumbass, old-ass “thinking” over the law. Go look up “patriarchy” then watch But I’m a Nice Guy.

World Gone Bad: Judge Calls 13-Year-Old Girl “sexual predator” Who “egg[ed] on” 41-Year-Old Man

Judge Nigel Peters told Neil Wilson, 41, who pleaded guilty to the abuse, he had also taken account the fact the child looked older.

Wilson lured the teenager to his home in Romford, Essex, where he watched her strip out of her school uniform before she performed a sex act on him.

The abuse did not come to light until the girl confided in a friend who then told police.

During a search of Wilson’s home officers also uncovered a stash of images and videos depicting child abuse and bestiality.

He admitted a string of charges but was handed a suspended sentence at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

…Judge Peters told him: ‘You have come as close to prison as is imaginable.

‘I have taken in to account that even though the girl was 13, the prosecution say she looked and behaved a little bit older.

‘You knew she was not nearly 16 as she said and your plea of guilty recognises that you knew.

‘Allowing her to visit your home is something we have to clamp down on and in normal circumstances that would mean a significant term in prison.

‘On these facts, the girl was predatory and was egging you on.

‘That is no defence when dealing with children but I am prepared to impose a suspension.’

Would this judge and the prosecution have made the same argument if the 13-year old in question were one of their daughters?

I hope none of them have female children. Ever.

Paedophile spared jail because his 13-year-old victim looked older and was a sexual ‘predator and was egging him on.’ Daily Mail [UK], 8/5/2013.

Thirteen-Year Old Faces First Degree Murder and Sexual Abuse Charges

The real crime here? Cristian Fernandez’s entire life.

Fernandez was born in Miami in 1999 to Biannela Susana, who was 12. The 25-year-old father received 10 years’ probation for sexually assaulting her.

Two years later, both mother and son went to foster care after authorities in South Florida found the toddler, filthy and naked, walking in the street at 4 a.m. near the motel where his grandmother did drugs.

In 2007, when Fernandez was 8, the Department of Children and Families investigated a report that he was sexually molested by an older cousin. Officials said other troubling incidents were reported, including claims that he he [sic] killed a kitten, simulated sex with classmates and masturbated at school.

In October 2010, Fernandez and his mother were living in Hialeah, a Miami suburb, with his mother’s new husband. Fernandez suffered an eye injury so bad that school officials sent him to the hospital where he was examined for retinal damage. Fernandez told officers that his stepfather had punched him. When officers went to the family’s apartment, they found the stepfather dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Cristian Fernandez, 13-Year-Old Florida Boy Charged With Brother’s Murder, Had Life ‘Punctuated By Violence’ (VIDEO). AP/HuffPo Crime, 9/16/12.

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