Darien (IL)

Triple Murder-Suicide 1-1/2 Blocks from Family Murdered in 2010

The bodies of David Andrus, 50; his wife, Jeana, 48; and two daughters, Jessica, 22, and Jennifer, 16, were found shot to death in a home in the 500 block of Oldfield.

DuPage County Coroner Richard Jorgensen said it appeared to be a triple-murder suicide, and law enforcement sources said David Andrus appeared to be the shooter.

…[Neighbor Rachel] Steinhaus [18] heard arguing coming from the home as she got her mail Monday, but she didn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary.

“It was basically two family members yelling at each other. They always fight with each other,” she said.

Steinhaus said she heard some popping noises afterward but thought they were from car doors closing.

…Another neighbor, Carrie Speakman, was taking her morning run on Tuesday when she ran past the house and saw two men arguing loudly outside on the front porch, her husband, Grant Speakman, said.

“It was definitely obvious they were arguing,” Grant Speakman said. “They were going back and forth.”

Shortly after his wife saw the men arguing, Grant Speakman saw a stream of police cars speeding to the house.

Stephen Turner, who co-owns the USA Skate Center in Romeoville with his wife, said Jeana Andrus worked there for four or five years performing various tasks at the rink.

“She’d give you the shirt off her back,” Turner said. “And she didn’t have a shirt to give.”

He said the family struggled financially, and he said Jeana Andrus left the rink where her younger daughter “basically grew up” to sell Christmas ornaments at a nearby mall last fall. The family lost their home in Bolingbrook “a couple of years ago,” he said.

…The home is about a block-and-a-half from where three members of the Kramer family were murder in March 2010.

Police investigating triple murder-suicide in Darien. Chicago Sun-Times, 6/12/2013.

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