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CEO Commits Suicide with Nail Gun

Richard Talley, 57, and the company he founded in 2001 were under investigation by state insurance regulators at the time of his death late Tuesday, an agency spokesman confirmed Thursday.

It was unclear how long the investigation had been ongoing or its primary focus.

A coroner’s spokeswoman Thursday said Talley was found in his garage by a family member who called authorities. They said Talley died from seven or eight self-inflicted wounds from a nail gun fired into his torso and head.

Also unclear is whether Talley’s suicide was related to the investigation by the Colorado Division of Insurance, which regulates title companies.

Under investigation, American Title CEO dead in grisly suicide. The Denver Post, 2/7/2014.

“Active shooter” in Denver Wounded, 1 Hostage Dead

The other hostage is injured.

Police identified the shooting suspect as 31-year-old Daniel Abeyta.

The Denver bomb squad spent the afternoon working in the area of South Irving Street, near West Evans Avenue, where booby-trapped incendiary devices remained after the shooter was shot by police.

Denver Police Chief Robert White reported that the shooter is suspected of killing one woman found dead inside a home in the area. A second woman in another home nearby was shot in the leg and was rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

The chief said the suspect was shot in the chest by police after officers saw him shooting at a propane cannister as officers closed in.

“As they were approaching, the suspect fired one shot at a makeshift incendiary device, which was activated,” White explained.

“We’re going to take the shot, take the shot,” an officer said on police radio, captured by

…Sources tell 7NEWS one of the shooting victims is the man’s estranged wife. The 26-year-old woman took out a restraining order against him several years ago, court records say. The man and woman both filed for divorced in 2008 and 2009, but the case summary indicates the divorce was never finalized.

…The 31-year-old suspect has a criminal history that includes an arrested for felony menacing with a deadly weapon and felony child abuse in 2007. He pleaded guilty to destruction of property and the menacing charge was dropped. That case also prompted a mandatory protection order for the victim.

Hostage dead, suspect critical after ‘active shooter’ situation on South Irving St. 7News/, 8/16/2013.

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