drive-by shooting

Man Killed, 2 Wounded in Drive-by on Mardi Gras Blvd.

The drive-by shooting, which happened just before 7 p.m. at the intersection of Mardi Gras Boulevard and Copernicus Street, killed the 31-year-old driver of a Buick. His passengers, a 30-year-old man and a 14-year-old girl, were injured in the shooting, police said.

The victim’s name is being withheld until his family members can be notified, police said.

…Witnesses told police that a silver late-model vehicle drove up alongside the Buick and someone inside opened fire, then sped away. The Buick, riddled with bullet holes, crashed into a telephone pole in front of the old Crescent City Connection toll tags office, causing the airbags to deploy. Traces of blood were visible on the car doors and airbags. Police recovered more than two dozen bullet casings from the scene.

Driver killed, 2 passengers, including 14-year-old, wounded in Algiers drive-by shooting.|The Times Picayune, 10/23/2013.

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