Farmington (MI)

Farmington, MI, Court Clerk Dismembered by Boyfriend

Her boyfriend told officers he hadn’t seen [Kaitlin] Hehir since early that morning, when she had picked him up from work, dropped him off at home and returned to a party she had attended earlier on Friday.

He later told police that an argument they had turned physical.

A police search of the house uncovered bloody plastic, according to a statement from the Farmington Public Safety Department. Friends told police that they hadn’t seen Hehir after she left.

A search warrant yielded her body, which officials said had been dismembered by a reciprocating saw. Her remains were in buckets in the garage and basement, according to authorities.

Slaying of Farmington court clerk shocks coworkers; body pieces found in tubs. Detroit Free Press, 2/25/2013.


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